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  • 94% of customers can save**
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  • What’s it all about?

    Why pay more than you need to for your gas and electricity?

    When was the last time you checked whether you are on the cheapest gas and electricity tariff for your area? The simple fact is 94%** of customers who have used our energy comparison service have been able to save, and you could too. Comparing and switching is simple too – because we do it for you, checking all of the UK’s suppliers including many of the smaller ones, to help you find your very best deal. 

  • Benefits

    So many good reasons to switch and save through us

    There are lots of comparison sites, but Asda Energy Compare & Save is truly independent. And it lets you compare all of the UK's gas and electricity suppliers, whilst getting all these benefits, so why go anywhere else?

    Save up to £405* a year 

    • 94% of customers can save**
    • Enjoy a free and impartial service
    • You could switch and save in around 7 minutes~ 
    • Compare online or over the phone 
    • When you switch we take care of everything for you
    Benefits in detail
  • Why switch

    Why think about changing gas and electricity supplier?

    Had the same gas and electricity supplier for a while? Then it's a good idea to let us compare prices for your area. They may have been the cheapest when you started using them, but there’s a good chance we can find you a cheaper tariff now. 

    Maybe you’re in a new home and have just inherited the previous occupier’s supplier.

    Perhaps you could save by switching to dual fuel and paying by monthly direct debit.

    There are lots of reasons why you should use Asda Energy Compare & Save. So why not do it today? It could take just 7 minutes to switch~.

  • How to switch

    A step-by-step guide to switching

    1. Tell us your current deal and spend

    2. We compare prices from all UK suppliers

    3. Choose the best value deal for you and switch online - you could save in just 7 minutes ~

    4. We'll send you an email to confirm the switch

    5. Your details are sent to your new supplier. They will also contact your current supplier on your behalf and cancel your current supply

    6. The new supplier will let you know when the switch will happen. Make sure you take a meter reading on this day so you're not billed for the same energy twice (don't worry, your new supplier will remind you to do this)

    7. The switch will take between 6 and 8 weeks' time

    If you want help or advice with your comparison, call an energy adviser free on 0800 634 5285.

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  • Reading your bill

    How to get the best comparison

    There are just a few pieces of information that can help ensure that you get the best possible comparison using our service. Here is a run-down of some easy-to-find information from your energy bill that can assist you when comparing suppliers:

    1. Your supplier

    Your current suppliers logo will appear on the first page of the bill, usually on the top left hand side.


    2. Your tariff

    The current tariff will be displayed on your bill, but where it appears varies from supplier to supplier. However it is usually either displayed on the first page or the summary page near the breakdown of charges.

     3. Are you on an Economy 7 plan?

    Economy 7 is a type of tariff that charges you two rates/prices for electricity. One day rate and one rate for 7 hours of the night. The breakdown of your bill will reflect this and show two different prices to show the different amounts charged for day and night usage.

    Economy 7

    Night time electricity usage – If you have an economy 7 plan then we need to know how much electricity you use at night. The average night time usage is 55%. If you would like to work out your exact night time usage here is the equation to use:


    4. Payment method

    Your bill will usually identify your payment method on the front page. For example, if you ‘pay on receipt of bill’ (every quarter or every 3 months) it will tell you how much you owe and when to pay, if paying by ‘direct debit’ it will say how much your direct debit charge will be for the period of the bill. If you don’t usually receive a bill, but instead top up using a card or a key then this means you have a prepayment meter.

    5. Your usage

    You can either tell us how much you spend on your gas and electricity or how much energy you use (kWh).

    Pounds kWh

    a. Amount you spend - The amount you spend each month or quarterly billing period will be displayed in the summary of charges on your bill, this will usually appear on the second page or last page of the bill.

    b. Energy usage - The amount of gas and/or electricity you have used during the billing period will be displayed in Kilowatt hours (kWh) used on your bill breakdown. This will usually appear within the bill summary page.

    c. Use our estimator if you are still having trouble locating information - Don’t panic! Our handy usage estimator can assist you with your comparison. Just simply select “I don’t know my usage” from the list of options, then on the next page fill out either the simple or detailed usage estimator with information about your house. Our systems will then calculate an estimation of the amount of usage you would typically be using in order to accurately conduct the comparison. Your estimated annual spend will be displayed on the results page.

    6. Meter numbers

    a. Gas Meter Number - In most cases the meter number or Meter Point Reference (MPR) number will be listed on your bill in the summary pages where charges are detailed. The number will usually be 10 characters long.

    Generally we do not require your gas or electricity meter number, however on the rare occasion we do this is where to find it:

    b. Electricity Meter Number - Again, as per the gas meter it will usually appear within the summary section of the bill where charges are detailed.


    Still struggling - if you can’t find all the information you need to do a comparison why not call one of our energy advisers on 0800 634 5185

    Other useful information on your bill

    Supplier Contact Information – Customer Service telephone numbers and post addresses for your supplier are displayed on your bill. The customer service phone number will almost always be displayed on the first page of your bill, while the postal address is normally located within the small print on the summary pages.

    Account/Customer Reference number – usually appears on the first page of your bill and is useful when you need to make any enquiries to your supplier.