Asda Home Insurance FAQs

Frequently asked questions

We hope that you will find the information you need here about Asda Home Insurance. Please note as of 9th July 2012 Asda Home Insurance changed. Most of the information below refers to policies bought after that date. Please read the relevant sections carefully and always check back against your policy documents. If your query relates to a policy sold before then, please click here for further information.

  • How do I get an Asda Home Insurance quote?

    Just call free phone 0845 504 5226 or click here to get a quote online.

    Lines open 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm Saturday & 10am to 4pm Sunday. Calls may be recorded and monitored.


  • I am an existing Asda customer. Who am I insured with?

    We carefully select our partners to help provide you with the best possible products and, with home insurance, we’re two providers. This means that depending upon when you bought your policy, you’ll need to go to the right place to get your query answered.  

    Policies purchased before 9 July 2012

    Service Team 0845 605 0145
    Home Insurance claims 0845 602 0229
    Renewals 0845 602 0357
    Legal Protection claims 0845 605 0145
    Key Cover claims 0845 605 0145


    Policies purchased on or after 9 July 2012

    Service Team 0845 504 5232
    Home Insurance claims 0845 683 0802
    Home emergency claims 0800 316 1030
    Renewals 0845 683 0802
    Legal Protection claims 01603 420080
    Key Cover claims 0871 230 1213

    Maximum call charge from a BT landline is 5p per minute. Calls from other networks may vary. Please check with your network operator.


  • How do I find out what level of cover I have?

    Your level of cover will depend upon the options you selected when purchasing your policy. Our full policy wording can be downloaded here.  - different policy wordings apply dependent upon when you take/took the policy out. 

  • What's the difference between my buildings and my contents?

    To put it really simply, if you were to turn your home upside down and give it a shake, everything that fell out would be your contents, and those that remain would be your buildings. For extra information about the items covered under Asda Home Insurance building / contents cover please refer to our policy wording.

  • How much should I insure my home for?

    For contents, you need to think about everything you have within your home and how much it would cost to replace each item new today. To give you an idea why not use Asda Money’s handy contents insurance calculator. You may be surprised at just how much your contents are worth. For buildings, you need to work out the cost of rebuilding your home. When doing this, you have to consider such things as demolition costs, architect's fees and surveyor's fees as well as the actual rebuilding. N.B If there's a mortgage on the property, you should always confirm with your mortgage lender that the property is insured for the correct amount.


  • How do I work out the cost of rebuild for my property?

    We cannot tell you the rebuild cost of your property but you can get an estimate at alternatively, you could ask a qualified surveyor to estimate the rebuild cost for you. Please note that Asda does not accept any liability for third party websites.

  • What does new for old mean?

    New for old means that Asda Home Insurance will replace the item you're claiming for with a brand new one of the same make & specification. This applies to all contents claims apart from when you're claiming for clothing or household linen where we make a deduction for wear and tear.

  • Do you cover accidental damage?

    Asda Home Insurance will automatically provide a basic level of accidental cover for both your buildings and contents insurance. You can choose to increase this to a wider level of cover.

    Buildings Insurance: Already covers accidental damage to underground pipes and cables, fixed glass, and sanitary fixtures and fittings i.e. baths, shower trays, sinks etc. This can be increased by taking out our extra accidental damage option which will cover you for accidental damage to the rest of your buildings - for example, putting your foot through the ceiling or hitting a nail into a water pipe.

    Contents Insurance: Already covers you for accidental damage to your radios, television sets (including digital set top boxes and satellite receivers) and computers, recording and audio equipment, mirrors and fixed glass.

    You can increase this cover by taking out Asda Home Insurance extra accidental damage cover - this covers all contents and soft furnishings against accidental damage - for example, if you spill a glass of red wine across your carpet you'll be covered.

  • What is a valuable?

    Asda considers valuables to be - jewellery (including costume jewellery), articles of or containing gold, silver or other precious metals, cameras (which include video cameras and camcorders), binoculars, watches, furs, paintings and other works of art, collections of stamps, coins and medals.

  • Why do I need legal cover on home insurance?

    Legal cover is not compulsory on home insurance, but Asda Home Insurance offers a product to enhance your cover. Asda Home Insurance can give you £50,000 worth of legal assistance for personal injury cover and consumer disputes. So for example, if you walked past a building site and were hit by a brick, we could pursue a claim on your behalf against the building company for personal injury.

  • Do I pay an excess if I make a claim?

    Yes. Please refer to your Policy Schedule.

  • If I need to, can I make a claim at 2am in the morning?

    Yes, Asda Home Insurance offer help and advice 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. If you need to make a claim under your home insurance with Asda Home Insurance, please ring the applicable number above. Calls may be recorded and monitored. 

  • What is business use?

    Asda Home Insurance class business use as a property being used for some type of business purpose i.e. childminding from home. If you're unsure of the use of your property, please contact Asda on one of the numbers above for further advice. 

  • Is it safe to use my credit/debit card on your site?

    We know how important it is to protect your personal information from possible security risks so all of the information you put into our quote form is protected by encryption. Please refer to our 'Privacy Policy' section, this can be found at the bottom of the page.

  • Can I get instant cover with Asda?

    Yes, when your quote is accepted online or over the phone and you pay by credit/debit card.

  • Can I pay monthly with Asda?

    Yes you can if you are aged 18 or over. Asda Home Insurance usual terms and conditions apply. Please note that there is an interest payable for choosing this option. Subject to status.

  • What do I do if I want to cancel the policy after I have paid?

    Once Asda Home Insurance have received your payment, we’ll send out your policy in the post within three to five working days. You have the right to cancel the policy within 14 days of receiving your policy document. If the insurance cover had not commenced you’ll be entitled to a full refund of the premium paid. If the insurance cover has already commenced, a pro-rata refund will be made to you, less an administration charge, provided there has not been a total loss claim.

    After the expiry of the statutory cooling off period, your policy will continue as a contract for twelve months. If your insurance is cancelled for any reason after the first 14 days, a pro-rata refund will be made to you, less an administration charge. There will be no return of premium if a claim has been made during the current year of insurance. If you pay by instalments, please refer to your credit agreement.   

    To understand what the administration charges apply to your policy please refer to your policy documents or contact our Service team on the numbers above.

  • Do you make any charge for requesting duplicate documents?

    Yes, there is a charge for each duplicate document which you request, such as a policy schedule.

    To understand what the administration charges are that apply to your policy please refer to your policy documents or contact us.

  • Do you charge for making amendments to my policy?

    Yes, there is a charge (subject to insurance premium tax where applicable) for any mid-term change made to the policy. This charge is in addition to any change in premium that may occur as a result of a change that is made on the policy. If no change of premium no charge is made.

    To understand what the administration charges apply to your policy please refer to your policy documents or contact us.

  • Am I able to work/run a business from home?

    Yes, under certain circumstances. Please call our Service Team to discuss this.

  • Am I able to let the property out?

    We can offer policies for landlords. Please call our Sales Team on 0845 504 5226 to discuss this.

  • Is my property standard construction?

    ‘Standard construction’ means that the walls of your property are made of brick or stone and the roof of slate or tiles. If your property is comprised of any other materials please call us on 0845 504 5226 as we may still be able to offer you a quote.

  • Are pedal cycles covered on my policy?

    Pedal cycles are covered within your property as standard provided they are valued at £500 or less. They are covered elsewhere if you add cover for personal possessions away from home as well. If your pedal cycle is valued at more than £500, you will need to specify them.

  • Where can I check my premium total?

    This can be found on the Schedule of Insurance that is included with your policy documents.

  • How do I increase the sum insured?

    You can increase the sum insured at any time during the policy year by contacting our Service Team.

  • Am I covered for items away from home?

    This is dependent upon the options you selected when purchasing your policy. Please refer to your Schedule of Insurance and your policy booklet for more information.

  • How much notice do I need to give if I am going to change my address?

    Please advise us as soon as you know the date that you will be moving so that we can update your policy details.

  • What is covered under the home emergency section?

    Home Emergency cover is underwritten by DAS Legal Services and provides up to £500 towards costs associated with a ‘home emergency’ i.e. the sudden breakdown of the main heating system, or the blockage or breakage of pipes and drainage system. The sum insured will pay up to £500 towards the call out charge and up to 2 hours labour costs and includes £100 towards part costs (including VAT). No cover will apply within the first 48 hours of the start date or if the home is left unoccupied for more than 30 days.

  • Do I need to contact you to arrange renewal of my policy?

    Full details of your renewal will be sent to you 21 days before the end of your policy. If you would like to discuss your renewal, please call us on the renewals number above.

    If you took out your Asda Home Insurance before 9th July 2012 and you pay your insurance monthly, have not experienced any problems with your Direct Debit, and your personal circumstances remain the same, you do not need to do anything as your policy will automatically renew. If you purchased your cover before 9th July 2012 and you pay your insurance annually, you will need to tell us that you want the policy to continue. If you do not contact us, we will assume that you do not want the policy so it will not renew.

  • How do I make a new claim?

    Please call our dedicated claims team on the number above.

  • How can I find out what is happening with my claim?

    Please call our dedicated claims team on the number above.

  • Am I eligible for the 5% cashback offer?

    From the 21st January 2014, Asda Money will be offering 5% cashback on home insurance when you use your Asda Money Credit Card and pay annually in full (excludes monthly direct debit). Representative 14.9% APR Variable.

    Upon purchasing & renewing your annual Asda Money insurance policy with your Asda Money Credit Card, 5% cashback will be applied automatically on to your next statement. Should you cancel your policy at any point, within the policy year, the 5% will be deducted from the following Asda Money Credit Card statement.  This offer does not affect your right to cancel the policy.  The cashback is facilitated by your Asda Money Credit Card provider, and not supplied by your insurance provider. All Asda Money insurance policy payments must be paid in full and not by direct debit. Asda Money insurance policies included in the offer are as follows; Van, Car, Home, Pet, Annual Travel (not single trip), UK or European Breakdown Cover (Roadside Cover not included).