Life Insurance matters

Life’s full of surprises – some good, others more challenging. From illnesses and accidents to new events like buying a home, getting married or having children, it’s really important that we have plans in place to cope - just as it’s vital to find the right life insurance cover too. That’s why Asda Money’s Life Insurance products are designed to help you protect what matters most to you, when it matters, with all the expert help you need.

Asda Life Insurance

Do you want to easily compare leading life insurance prices? Looking for advice on income protection, critical illness or mortgage cover?

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Over 50s

Asda Over 50s Life Cover

Life insurance that pays a cash lump sum to your loved ones, should the worst happen to you. Simple to take out, easy to understand and it starts at just £5 a month** (depending on your age). 

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Life Insurance

Baby Cost Calculator

You can’t put a price on the joy of a new baby. But with this handy calculator, you can get a rough idea how much the 1st year might cost.

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Here for you every step of the way

Need a great place to find expert advice about your baby as they grow, personalised from pre-pregnancy to pre-school? Join the club!

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Life insurance

Neil's blog

Asda's Neil Foster discusses Life Insurance

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Life Insurance guides

Our handy tool makes sure you're getting the right type of cover for you and your family

Returning to work: top tips for mums

The transition from being at home with a new child to going back to work can be a little daunting. One of the hardest decisions to make is when should...


Top tips for new parents

Top tips for expectant parents If you've got a baby on the way, these will be exciting times. However, as any parent will tell you, they'll be expe...

What happens when I die?

What happens when I die?

None of us like to think about dying but making sure your loved ones are financially taken care of can bring great peace of mind. Life insurance...

Savvy savings tips everyone should know

Savvy savings tips everyone should know

If you’re living on the very edge of your budget, life can be really stressful. The cost of living these days is really high and there always seems to...

A guide to staying healthy over 50

A guide to staying healthy over 50

As you get older, it becomes even more important to start taking care of yourself, but there is often a tendency to start caring less as the years go...

Advised Life Cover with Asda

Maternity Pay and Maternity Leave

Most working women are entitled to maternity pay and maternity leave when they are expecting a child. Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) is the bare minimu...

Life insurance with ASDA Finance

How divorce can affect your finances

Going through a divorce can be a painful experience which may drain you emotionally and physically, but it can also have a huge strain on your finan...

Family life insurance with Asda

Family life insurance

Family life insurance policies help to provide for the needs of you and your dependents. Many policies will allow you to take out a joint policy with...

Life insurance with Asda

Do I need life insurance?

Having life insurance in place is critical to ensuring that that the needs of your loved ones are taken care of, should the worst happen. As w...

Life Insurance policy

Life insurance advice

Life insurance, as with the majority of insurance products out there, can be quite a complicated process. With forms to fill out and assessments to be...

Income Protection Guide

Income Protection Guide

Accidents and serious illnesses can happen to anyone, no matter how careful or health conscious they are. Income protection can help you to meet your...

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