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A tax-free lump sum to help out those special to you could be priceless. With cover from just £5, it’s a small price to pay to care for your loved ones if you die or diagnosed with a terminal illness. Just take a look at the benefits of Asda Life Insurance…

  • We do the hard work for you

    Searching for quality life insurance and the little differences that go with each product can be daunting – and time consuming. At Asda, we like to save you time as well as money. That’s why we partner with LifeSearch who search the market to bring you the right life insurance for you and your loved ones. Whether it's a cash lump sum or a monthly income you need, LifeSearch will take you through your options. They’ll compare the leading insurance companies to help find you the right cover at the right price.

  • A cash lump sum to use however your family chooses

    Asda Life Insurance pays out a tax free cash lump sum to use however you or your loved ones see fit. So it could be the perfect choice if you’ve been searching for mortgage life insurance or you just want to help pay for a few different things should the worst happen.

  • Choose the cover that suits you

    With Asda Life Insurance you can choose fixed cover which pays out a fixed lump sum if you die. Or you can choose decreasing cover that pays a lump sum which reduces as your mortgage goes down. Whatever you’re looking for, advisers can help you decide which is the right cover for you.

  • Quality life insurance from just £5*

    By searching the leading insurers you can find low prices on quality cover, whatever level of protection you need.

  • All the help and expert advice you need

    Award-winning UK-based life insurance advisers can give you as much help as you need, every step of the way. And wherever possible, they’ll try their best to make sure you speak to the same adviser every time.

  • A personalised quote for you in seconds

    Get a quote that’s just right for you and your family in next to no time. And because you’re under no obligation, you’re never under any pressure to take out life insurance with Asda.