Black Friday (23rd November) was the best example of this busy period

The build-up to Christmas is always a frantic time for shoppers all over Britain. Many of us will be looking to pick up as many bargains as possible in the quest for the right present.

Black Friday (23rd November) was the best example of this busy period, total online sales in the UK were expected to reach approximately £193 million.

If customers had spent the £193m on an Asda Money Credit Card, earning 0.5% unlimited cashback, a total of £9.6 million could have been earned.

Here are some top tips for spending less as we head for Christmas:

Take advantage of promotional deals when treating yourself

A number of deal websites offer discount codes on anything from clothing and restaurant meals to cinema tickets and days out. Taking advantage of these deals on a regular basis could mean that you stand to make substantial savings. In-store promotions, such as ‘buy one get one’ free offers, could also help to put more back into the Christmas spending pot. 

Review your spending

Using a spreadsheet or budgeting tools to help assess your incomings and outgoings could help to identify any areas where you are overspending as we head towards Christmas. If there is a gap between your income and expenditure, setting a weekly budget for areas including food, travel, car costs, etc. should help to bring this back into line. 

Pay in cash

Occasionally paying for your purchases in cash, instead of putting them on your debit card, will help to ensure that your bank balance is a true reflection of how much you have left in your account. Using cash may also help your curb the temptation to spend beyond your means in this busy period.

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