Pick up a Christmas savings card from your local  Asda store or online

A number of savvy Asda customers have already been taking  advantage of the ‘every day low prices’ policy the retail giant guarantees.

Research from Asda has found that nearly a third of customers  are starting to save for the festive period already. So there is no time like  the present to start saving; pick up a Christmas savings card from your local  Asda store or online.

The supermarket research also shows that almost half of mums  are more concerned about the cost of the whole Christmas period than they were  in 2011.

The research also showed that almost one in four plans to  spend less on Christmas this year, which is not surprising considering that pay  freezes coupled with rising living expenses have hit Brits particularly hard this year.

In addition, a whopping 93% of mums have already started  their Christmas shopping, perhaps to steer clear of the high prices during the  festive period.

The cards allow customers to save up to £144 on each card,  for which Asda will pay a tiered bonus if the money remains on the card until  18 November.* The supermarket will pay a £6 bonus for savings of 144, a £3 bonus  for savings of £97 and a £1 bonus for savings of £49. Customers are allowed  more than one card.

Last year, around £40 million  was loaded onto the Christmas Savings Cards. Asda paid out more than £1 million  in bonuses to its customers – and the same pattern of savings has been  witnessed again so far.

An Asda spokesman said: “We know that  customers are already saving for Christmas so our savings card is an easy way  for them to put a little bit away each week to budget for the main event.”


*The bonus will start to load at 5pm on Sunday 18th November so any transactions after this point will not be taken into account. Bonus will be ready for use on Monday 19th November from 8:00am.

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