Pet insurance could help you reduce any emergency vet bills

Training your dog can take time and patience. Each dog responds to new training methods differently and will react in different ways, so it is important that pet owners find the most effective method that works for them.

Here are three of the most effective methods for dog training:

1. Positive training

Positive dog training is simple and effective. It does not use any training methods that might hurt or scare dogs. Positive training is done without reinforcement by punishment and this means not pulling on the collar and shouting at the animal. Whilst it has not been shown that this method alone works entirely, it will certainly help to build the bond between you and your pet, as well as helping them to become more obedient.
2. Reliable recall

Dogs are easily distracted and the world is often their playground, whether this involves chasing squirrels or seeing another dog down the street. In some cases, this could seriously put your dog’s life at risk and so it is important to be able to effectively recall your dog. One way to do this would be to teach them different words, for example, ‘come’ could be used as a special word for emergency recall. When training your dog, you could use food rewards if you wish.

3. Your actions

Just as you are watching your dog to see what their response may be to certain actions, they will be watching you. It would be important to remember your facial expressions, body language, tone of voice and the language you use when training your dog. There are many ways that dogs and humans can misunderstand each other, so it could be advisable to keep consistency to help them learn.

Devoting so much time and love into training your dog can be extremely rewarding, however, you never know what is going to happen to them in the future. It could be worth taking out pet insurance.

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