Pet insurance could help you reduce any emergency vet bills

The UK is a nation of pet lovers, but are you more of a dog person or a cat person? Perhaps you’re fascinated by fish or hopping mad about rabbits. Below we take a look at some of the UKs most popular pets;


A man’s best friend is undoubtedly one of the most popular domestic pets in the country. However, despite the typical view of the UK being a dog-loving nation, according to figures from the British Federation of Herpetologists (BFH) there are more reptile pets than dogs in the UK. In 2008, there were 8 million reptiles and amphibians being kept as pets in the UK, compared to an estimated 6.5 million dogs.

According to more recent figures from the Pet Food Manufactures Association though, dogs take the number one spot as Britain’s most popular pet.

Loveable four-legged feline friends are the UK’s second favourite animal with almost 20% of homes owning a domestic cat. Love them or hate them, cats make ideal pets with an estimated 8 million of them currently gracing UK homes. In 2008, 92% of UK based cats were non- pedigree.


Thanks to the recession, fish are fast becoming one of the UK’s most popular low-cost pets. The ‘budget buddy’ has overtaken other more expensive pets to take the third spot on the pet parade, according to the research. There are an estimated 12 million fish kept indoors while a further 18 million reside in garden ponds.


The research shows that there are an estimated 1 million rabbits in the UK, although they only account for 2.7% of all UK households which own pets.


Whilst many would be quick to think hamsters are in the top five popular household pets, the research found that for 2011 indoor birds and guinea pigs are in actual fact more popular. 

Whichever pet you prefer the most, you may wish to care for them in the event of sickness or an accident.Pet insurance could help you reduce any emergency vet bills.

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