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As we get older and take on more responsibilities, many of us think about taking out a life insurance policy to protect ourselves and our loved ones. 

Things like financial commitments, such as a mortgage, and raising a family mean it is important to have a safety net in place should something happen. 

There is a range of different life insurance policies available to suit different needs and different budgets.

Lots of people will go for the cheapest life insurance option, but for the rich and famous money is no object when it comes to protecting themselves and their livelihood. So, what are some of the most expensive life insurance policies ever seen? 

David Beckham

Footballer and national treasure David Beckham would be nowhere without his fancy footwork on the pitch, so it’s little wonder that he chose to protect some of his most valuable assets. 

The new Paris St-Germain midfielder took out an insurance policy on both his legs and feet a number of years ago for a reported $70 million – approximately £45 million. 

Ant and Dec

Everyone’s favourite Geordie double act, Ant and Dec have come as a pair ever since their days on children’s TV show Byker Grove.

So it came as no surprise when the pair took out life insurance policies on each other’s lives back in 2006. The policy, thought to be worth around £2 million, will see one get a lump sum should the other one die. 

Mariah Carey

Beckham might have more skill in his feet, but it is singer Mariah Carey whose legs are apparently worth the most. 

Following an endorsement deal with Gillette, the singer took out an insurance policy on her legs worth a staggering $1 billion.

If you have financial and family commitments, taking out a life insurance policy could be a good way to keep you and your loved ones financially protected. 
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