Breakdown Cover with Asda
During the recent period of heavy snowfall, there were some reports of nearly 600 breakdowns per hour in parts of the UK*. You don’t want to be left stranded in the bleak mid-winter, so rather than assuming it won’t happen to you, why not spend ten minutes putting a breakdown survival kit together, just in case it does? 


Make sure your device is fully charged before you leave for your journey so that you can make calls as and when you need to. If you have sufficient breakdown cover in place, you will want to call for help, otherwise you may well be ringing up friends and family and calling in some favours. 

Warm clothing

Jumpers, coats, extra socks, gloves, scarves and hats – you will be grateful for any of these items if your car breaks down in the middle of winter. Staying warm is a priority, so extra layers of clothing are an absolute essential. Foil blankets do an excellent job of retaining body heat, so it may be worth including this in your checklist as well. 


Should you need to walk anywhere (a warm pub, for example), it is always a good idea to have wellies in the boot or back of the car, just in case. Alternatively, snow grips can dramatically decrease the risk of slipping or falling and potentially sustaining an injury that could make things worse. If you do leave your car, remember to wear a high visibility vest to warn other motorists of your presence. 


If the weather conditions are extremely adverse, it could be hours before help arrives. Make sure you’ve got some food stashed away in your car, preferably high energy snacks that can keep you going for a considerable amount of time. Water is also a necessity, to fend off the effects of dehydration. 


If you break down in the winter, there’s a high chance that it’s going to be dark. Scrabbling around for provisions and scoping out your surroundings is vastly more difficult when you can’t see. It’s advisable to pack a torch into your emergency breakdown kit. Remember to pack spare batteries – or use a wind-up torch which can run without power. 

Getting hold of breakdown cover is another essential aspect of covering yourself if your vehicle breaks down unexpectedly.
*Research provided by the AA
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