Travel Insurance Infographic

There is no better feeling in the world than landing on your holiday with the whole family safe, well and full of excitement. Still, one injury or illness is all it takes to disrupt your well-earned break – and without the right level of cover it could become expensive for you and your family. 

We created Asda Travel Insurance for our customers, so you can at least get the treatment you need abroad, without paying the potentially mortgage-sized hospital bills. Take a look at the image below to find out the true importance of travel cover:



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Raising Awareness with Asda

More needs to be done to protect holidaying families like yours. This is our way of raising awareness for Asda customers but you can help us reach even more people today.

Just share this page online and let’s get everybody in the UK up to speed on the risks of uninsured travelling. The more you share, the more families you could save from potential holiday nightmares.

Thank you. 



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