If you are travelling to Japan, remember to take travel money

Japan is a  wonderful place, offering a range of cultural experiences set against the  backdrop of traditional customs and modern technology.

The contrasting  elements of the country make it an exciting and eye-opening country to visit.  If you’re lucky enough to head to Japan, here are a few hints and tips as to  what you can expect and what you need to know.

1. When to go

Japan has a vast  range of climates offering icy cold heights from the mountainous territory in  the northern regions to high temperatures and humidity throughout the summer  months. Islands such as Okinawa often enjoy  subtropical climates. The  seasons contrast significantly and the winter months are sharply cold with  heavy snowfall.

Typhoon season usually  falls in October, making it difficult to travel during this time. It’s  recommended that the best time to visit Japan is during the relatively stable  seasons of spring (which is March to May) and autumn (which is September to  November).

2. Costs

Japan is one the  most expensive countries in the world to visit and travel within, especially if  you plan on staying in high-end hotels and taking taxis to most destinations.  Japan, however, can also be done on a budget providing you are careful with  your money.

The currency is  the yen (¥) and is pronounced en’, with no ‘y’ sound. It’s important to note that despite the  abundance of ATM machines, the majority of them do-not accept foreign–issued  cards. Even if the card displays the Visa and MasterCard logos, most of them  only accept Japan-issued versions of these cards. Postal ATMs do accept  international cards, however, it would be advisable to take travel money as well.

3. Traditions

Japanese  heritage is full of long-held traditions, which involve a great deal of bowing  and ritual. The tea ceremony is an honored ritual that can last for hours. It  typically involves several different types of tea and a specific order of  drinking them. This is something that British visitors  should have no problem immersing themselves in.

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