Asda Travel Insurance benefits

Want to spend less on quality cover and more on quality time together? Maybe you’re looking for the cheapest travel insurance, perhaps it's single-trip, multi-trip cover or even family travel insurance you need. Why not see how low your price will be with a quote from Asda Travel insurance.

  • 20% discount online

    Take out Asda Travel Insurance online and you'll get a further 20% discount.

  • Choose from 3 levels of cover

    It makes sense to get that cover that suits your needs. That's why you can choose from 3 different levels of cover - Value, Standard and the 5 Star Superior cover. It makes sure you're not paying over the odds for your travel insurance, whilst still getting the cover you need.

  • Unlimited medical expenses

    With Asda Travel Insurance, you'll get unlimited medical expenses and funeral expenses up to £5,000. You also get £100 dental cover with Value insurance, £250 with Standard and up to £500 with Superior cover.

  • Get cover up to age 80

    Unlike many others, Asda Travel Insurance offer travel insurance policies that will cover anyone up to 80 years old.

  • 24 hour emergency English-speaking helpline

    If things get a bit complicated while you're away, you lose your passport, tickets or credit card, you can call the emergency helpline any time, day or night. A friendly voice you can understand will be on hand to help.

  • You’re covered for cancellations

    If you’ve been looking for holiday cancellation insurance, you’ll be glad to know you’ll get up to £5,000± with Asda Travel Insurance if your trip is called off.

  • You’re covered if your bags go missing
    Up to £2,000 in fact, if your bags go missing during your trip
  • And you’re covered if your fun is cut short

    It’s always disappointing if your holiday is cut short. But with up to £5,000± cover if you have to come home early, you’ll hopefully be able to start planning your next getaway.

  • A full travel insurance package, tailored to your needs

    Whether you've been searching for something specific like holiday cancellation insurance or you just want to jet away with a great deal, you can tailor your cover to suit you. From Value to Superior cover, from single trip travel insurance to multi-trip and optional extras too, Asda Travel Insurance is waiting to help you get away with a great deal more.

  • Get your cover on the go

    In a hurry? Now whatever cover you choose, you can buy your Asda Travel Insurance on your smartphone. We’ll even send you confirmation of your cover by text for extra reassurance.

  • Extra benefits with annual multi-trip travel insurance

    Choose the annual option from Asda and you’ll get all the benefits of single trip cover plus:

    Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance which should remove your fears about your flight operator going bust, because with Asda, you're covered.

    Up to £100 per person, ticket cancellation cover± for concerts, theatres or sporting events 


  • Protection against business failure

    5 Star Superior Cover provides cover in the event that your airline, hotel, tour operator or car hire company go bust.

  • 5 Star Defaqto rated travel insurance

    The 5 Star Superior Cover option has been awarded 5 Stars out of 5 by Defaqto, an independent reviewer of financial products from the whole market. Defaqto’s highest possible rating is a measure of quality and means you can trust this cover to provide one of the widest range of benefits in the market.