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In just a few clicks, you could find out your credit rating with Noddle, a free credit rating provider who will let you check your credit report for the rest of your life, with no fees.

  • Free credit rating for life, not just for 30 days
  • Easy to check your credit rating monthly
  • Easy to check incorrect entries and help with correcting any mistakes on your report
  • Get regular offers, discount, and vouchers
  • Why your credit rating is important?

    Your credit rating helps to determine your eligibility for everything from loans to credit cards, and whether you can pay for something by instalments. You start building your credit rating the very first time you try to buy anything on credit, from a mobile phone contract to a mortgage. When you apply for credit, whether you’re accepted or not, it can impact your overall credit score. Other companies can then use your credit history to help them decide whether or not to accept you for their product. 

    Get your free credit report
  • How to get your free credit report for life

    As an Asda customer you can use Noddle completely free to check your credit report now and for life. It’s a great way to keep up to date with your own credit rating and understand how to improve it over time.

    As well as giving you a credit check, they’ll also give you a report including any bank accounts or financial agreements that are linked to you. All you’ll need are credit or debit card details which will only be used to verify your ID and won’t be kept on file. And the handiest bit? They’ll even provide e-mail support, as well as lots of other information to help you improve your rating if you need to. 

    Noddle is part of Callcredit, one of the UK’s leading providers of credit information, references and resources, so you can trust that your details are safe with them. 

    Get your free credit report
  • What your credit rating means

    What your credit rating means

    Noddle will base your credit rating on a scale from one to five, to make it nice and easy to understand.

    Credit rating 5 – Unlikely to be rejected for credit and often offered the best deals on the market.

    Credit rating 4 – Usually accepted for credit and able to choose between different providers who view this as low risk.

    Credit rating 3 - May be occasionally rejected for credit or unable to get all the best deals. Usually offered typical or higher rates rather than the best rates.

    Credit rating 2 – Sometimes rejected for credit. People in this band tend to be offered higher rates of interest.

    Credit rating 1 – Often have difficulty getting credit. When accepted, people in this band are usually offered higher rates of interest than are advertised. 

    Get your free credit report
  • Improve your rating

    Regularly checking your credit report with Noddle can be a great way to spot any problems with your credit rating. It will help you pick up on things like:

    • Bills you may have missed
    • Whether you’re correctly registered on the electoral roll
    • Incorrect entries (you can then get help on correcting these)
    Get your free credit report
  • Testimonials

    What people are saying about Noddle


    "A brilliant service. Nice and simple user interface; easy sign-up process; extremely detailed information. Most important –it’s free!"     C Cucuruz


    "Very pleased you can now get this info free and instantly rather than paying massive monthly fees for the same info. Works great." D Phillips


    "Here is something we should all do on a regular basis… and it is FREE (and very easy to set up)." D Dryden


    "Excellent. Registered quickly and easily and ease of use of site is great. Look forward to hearing back about my account info enquiries. Good job!" M Masters


    "Just checked my credit report and am very impressed. Am excited to see  where things go over the next year! Everyone should sign up – highly recommended." D McGann


    All comments taken from the Noddle Facebook page.

    Get your free credit report