You’ll love Asda Home Insurance

…almost as much as you love your home

  • New for old included as standard^

    With Asda Home Insurance we want to make your claim as pain-free as possible. That’s why you’ll benefit from our new for old cover, which replaces damaged items covered in your policy with brand new ones or very similar.

  • Tech cover away from home

    We know you enjoy your gadgets outdoors as much as you do in your home. That's why up to £1,500 in Tech Cover is included with Asda Home Insurance which can be increased to £15,000. This can be decreased to £500 on Asda 5 Star Home Insurance or completely removed on Asda 3 Star Home Insurance.

  • Difference between 3 Star and 5 Star cover

    With Asda’s 5 Star rated Home Insurance you get £750,000 worth of building cover and £75,000 of contents cover. 

    Home Emergency Cover is included in your Asda Policy as Standard – and it can prove to be invaluable too.

    With Asda’s 3 Star rated Home Insurance you get £400,000 worth of Buildings cover and £50,000 of Contents cover. You can also reduce the premium on your 3 Star rated cover by choosing not to include the following:

    • Tech Cover
    • Personal Possessions Cover
  • Cover for replacement locks and keys

    If you need your locks replacing or, if your keys are lost, stolen or damaged, Asda Home Insurance will cover you up to £750 for Asda 3 Star Home Insurance and £1,000 for Asda 5 Star Home Insurance.

  • Religious Festivals and increased cover

    We know you may need a little more cover at certain times - perhaps when the family's celebrating over religious holidays. So the contents cover on Asda Home Insurance handily increases automatically by £3,000 to protect any items bought specifically for those times and by £5,000 for the 5 Star cover.

  • Financial help if you cannot live in your home

    If your home is uninhabitable following a fire or flood, Asda Home Insurance will pay for alternative accommodation for you and your family.

    For Asda 3 Star Home Insurance you'll get:

    • Up to £40,000 if you have Combined Buildings and Contents Insurance
    • Up to £40,000 if you have Buildings Insurance
    • Up to £10,000 if you have Contents Insurance

     For Asda 5 Star Home Insurance you'll get: 

    • Up to £75,000 if you have Combined Buildings and Contents Insurance
    • Up to £75,000 if you have Buildings Insurance
    • Up to £20,000 if you have Contents Insurance
  • Buildings Only Cover

    Asda's Buildings only option provides £400,000 worth of cover with Asda 3 Star Home Insurance, with an option to increase to £750,000 for Asda 5 Star Home Insurance. You are covered for the structure of your home and we'll pay out to repair or rebuild your home.

  • No Claims Discount

    You get a No Claims Discount with your car, so why not get it on your home insurance too? With Asda Money you get a maximum 4 Years No Claims Discount, which can mean up to 20% off your premium and it works just as simply as it would for a car – if you don’t make a claim in a year, you could benefit from paying cheaper premiums on renewal. 

  • Easy to switch

    As you might expect with Asda, we make it easy to switch and you can bring your No Claims Discount with you.

    Buy online in just a few minutes; just pay in one go or spread the payments over 12 months.

    • Prefer to talk? Just call our customer service team who'll be able to help you through your quote.  You can even ask to speak to the same person next time you call so you're not going over old ground.
    • Let us know how many years you’ve been claim free and we can give you up to 20% off your premium.

    Please call us on 0800 479 8711 or get a quote now.

Optional add ons

  • Accidental Damage cover

    This is ideal for families with young children, DIY enthusiasts or anyone looking for extra peace of mind.

  • Personal Items cover

    Everybody's different. So you can choose additional cover for personal items, starting at £500, which can be increased up to £15,000 for items under £1,500 each and an additional £15,000 for items over £1,500.

  • Technology and Entertainment cover

    If you added up all the gadgets and electrical gear you have at home, you may be surprised how much it is all worth. On Asda 5 Star Home Insurance, the standard level starts at £1,500 and can be decreased to £500 or increased up to £15,000 depending on your needs. On Asda 3 Star Home Insurance this option can be removed altogether. This option also covers you for accidental damage and portable items are automatically covered when you're out and about. 

  • Garden cover

    Choose this option and you'll be covered for items such as as trees, shrubs, plants, hedges, lawns, gardening equipment and garden furniture. You're also covered for items you might leave in the garden, such as patio heaters or children’s outdoor toys.  

    You can choose from £500 up to £15,000 depending on your needs.  

  • Bicycle cover

    This covers bicycles at home or out and about, protecting it from theft, accidental damage and loss. You can also choose to cover up to 6 bikes.

  • Legal Expenses cover

    Legal expenses covers you up to £50,000 for legal disputes that may affect you such as those involving personal injury, consumer protection, employment or tax.

  • Home Emergency cover

    Designed to cover all those mishaps that can happen from time to time, from burst pipes to a broken boiler, Home Emergency Cover takes just one call to get a carefully vetted tradesman on their way to you.

    Exclusions apply e.g. there is no cover for normal day-to-day maintenance or replacement parts that gradually wear out. Full details can be found in the policy documents on our website.