Home Maintenance Checklist

4th October 2017


During the summer, the last things on our minds are our boilers, gutters, chimneys and roof tiles. It's the time of year when (in theory) they should be needed the least. 

However, as the summer comes to an end it's a great time to take a few easy, preventative steps to make sure you're properly protected by your home insurance, should you ever need to make a claim.

Check the roof

Check your roof for any loose or missing tiles and arrange repairs if needs be. A claim for damage to your roof during rotten weather could be rejected, if the roof has not been properly maintained.

Clear the gutters

Clear any drains and gutters to prevent blockages and water damage. If there is heavy rain, over flowing water caused by blocked gutters can cause severe damage to your home.

Test your smoke alarm

It's quick and easy and it can be vital in protecting your home if disaster strikes. You should test your alarm twice a month and if it is more than 10 years old, get it replaced.

Look after your boiler

During the summer we might not notice if the heating is on the blink but there's nothing worse than a broken boiler in the middle of winter. Replacing a boiler can be a painful and expensive experience, even without the cold weather to contend with. Get it checked early and you may even get a seasonal discount.

Trim branches and plants

Cut back any plants and branches, particularly if they overhang your home. If bad weather hits they can cause significant building damage. If you are unable to do this yourself there are lots of specialists, such as tree surgeons, who can help.

Lag pipes

When temperatures drop, frozen water can wreak havoc with the pipes in your home. Ensuring your loft, pipes and water tank are insulated is a great way to prevent a crisis. You should also inspect your taps and pipes regularly for any leaks or damage which could develop.

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