Switch Your Home Insurance Policy

4th October 2017


Reviewing your home insurance policy and shopping around before you renew, is well worth it. Not only could you make huge savings, but it also gives you the perfect opportunity to review your circumstances, so that you have the right cover levels for your property and belongings.

Have you made any home improvements recently, invested in new garden furniture or received some valuable gifts? It’s amazing how it all adds up; and you may also find that you are not sufficiently covered.

Finding cover that gives total peace of mind can be a challenge

We are in the era of finding the best deals and products online, and insurance is no exception. However, with so many policies and varied prices out there, it can be hard to choose the one that best suits your needs.

  • Flexibility is key. The ideal home and contents policy is one that allows you to tailor your insurance cover to suit your needs.
  • Use price comparison websites for quick results but remember this doesn’t always means the best results. The cheapest policies may have high excess.
  • Some insurance companies don’t feature on comparison websites. You might find that these offer better cover, so make sure you check them out as well.
  • When you find a good deal, research the insurer and check out reviews by customers who've made a claim.
  • Compare levels of cover and check the things you’re not insured for – these are called exclusions.

A few minutes could save you money

Asda Home Insurance offers a truly flexible approach to your cover and lets you adapt your policy whenever you need to. Our flexible insurance product allows you to pick and choose the cover you need and to personalise your policy over the phone in moments with one of our team.

The extra cover options we have to offer are:

  • Personal items
  • Technology and Entertainment
  • Garden
  • Bicycles
  • Legal Expenses
  • Home Emergency Assistance
  • Accidental damage

A personalised policy from Asda Home Insurance may be worth considering and you can get a quick no obligation quote, either over the phone or visiting us online. We’ll hold the price of your quote for 90 days.

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