What Is Contents Cover?

1st August 2017


Imagine losing everything in your home. The cost of replacing all of your cherished possessions would likely cost a fortune. This is where contents insurance can be a very sensible and worthwhile decision when it comes to protecting the things you have worked so hard for.

Unlike buildings insurance , which is often required by your mortgage lender, contents cover isn’t compulsory to have in place. However, many homeowners understand how useful and reassuring this type of policy can be. Contents insurance gives you peace of mind that should the unexpected happen like a flood, fire or burglary, you may end up needing to replace a lot or all of your belongings. That could include your furniture, clothes, jewellery, electricals and practically anything that isn’t a fitted fixture in your home, in other words, the things you would move with you if you moved home.

Contents Cover As Individual As You Are

Everybody has different needs when it comes to choosing the right level of contents insurance. Ideally you want to have enough cover in place so that you could replace everything you own if something was to happen to your home. The easiest way to do this is to add up the value room by room - and don’t forget the loft or garage.

Cover Away From Home

If you have expensive things that you often take outside of the home, such as a laptop or a bicycle, then it may be worth checking to see if your policy will cover these items against theft or damage somewhere other than your house.

Also, check to see if your policy covers the contents of your handbag or wallet, credit cards, cash and luggage when travelling abroad.

Optional Extra Cover For Your Contents

Everyone's home is different. That's why, with flexible Asda Home Insurance you can add any of these optional extras:

  • Accidental Damage - covers buildings, contents or both against costly mishaps, such as spills or breakages.
  • Garden - covers your garden from trees to furniture and garden equipment.
  • Technology & Entertainment - choose additional levels of cover, from £500 up to £15,000.
  • Bicycle cover - protects against accidental damage, theft and loss at home or away.
  • Legal cover - up to £50,000 to protect against legal disputes including personal injury.
  • Home emergency cover - offers a helpline for quick assistance when a pipe bursts, your heating fails or you lose your house keys

Contact Us For A Contents Cover Quote Today.

Home contents insurance should be easy to arrange and give you total control over protecting what matters. At ASDA Home Insurance, we offer home contents insurance that allows you to tailor your policy to suit your exact needs. Whether you need bicycle cover, accidental damage cover or protection for your belongings inside and outside of the home, we can help you to choose the right policy.

We would be delighted to provide a quotation that suits your exact needs. Get a quick quote by visit Asda Home Insurance or call our team today on 0800 049 6089.

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