Why Do I Need Home Insurance?

1st August 2017


While there is no law to tell you that you must have home insurance, it is certainly a sensible option. Home insurance can protect the things you treasure the most and the things you have worked hard for. From the contents inside your home to your property itself, you can choose to protect the things that matter the most with contents insurance, buildings insurance or a combined insurance policy.

Home insurance can protect you against the unexpected things in life such as a break-in, storm or fire damage to your home or an unexpected disaster such as a burst pipe or leaking washing machine. Choosing the right home insurance policy and the right level of cover will give you peace of mind that you are protected against almost every eventuality.

Buildings insurance will usually protect the structure of your home from the following:

  • Fire
  • Floods
  • Storms
  • Falling trees or branches
  • Vandalism or malicious damage
  • Impact from vehicles (including objects falling from aircraft)
  • Subsidence

Contents insurance usually covers your belongings (the things you would take with you if you moved house) against:

  • Theft
  • Fire damage
  • Flood damage
  • Earthquake damage
  • Vandalism

Cover For What Matters The Most

Without home insurance you will not be protected for most types of property damage and you won’t be covered for belongings stolen from your home. You never know what may be around the corner, but having home insurance in place will ensure your property and belongings are protected and that you’re not left out of pocket should anything happen.

Everybody has unique needs when it comes to choosing the best home insurance policy. Some people may only be looking for contents or building insurance, some people will need a combined policy and others will have specific requirements that need a more personal approach. Choosing the right level of cover and the most suitable policy will ensure that you receive the best protection and the right amount of compensation should you ever need to make a claim.

Choosing The Right Home Insurance Policy

As with many consumer products, it pays to shop around to find the best home insurance policy. Whether you are buying your first home, or moving or switching to a new insurance company, finding the best deal will be high on your agenda.

Asda Home Insurance is there to protect the important things in life and gives you the freedom to choose home insurance cover that offers instant and total peace of mind. From the tiles on your roof to the kids’ toys in the garden, we have you covered.

We would be delighted to provide a quotation that suits your exact needs. Get a quick quote by visit Asda Home Insurance or call our team today on 0800 049 6089.

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