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1st August 2016

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Holidaying doesn’t have to break the bank. If you’re looking to make your hard-earned cash go further, the key is to choose a country with a weak currency compared to the Pound. However, with the Pound recently falling to its lowest level since 1985, finding wallet-friendly destinations has become increasingly difficult.

To help you find a bargain holiday in 2016, our experts at Asda Money have handpicked three destinations where the Pound is still strong.

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Indonesia is a large country which is made up of 17,000 islands. The Indonesian Rupiah is the fourth cheapest currency in the world, making Indonesia an affordable holiday destination.

Whether you’re looking to stay in a hostel or a luxury hotel, accommodation throughout the country is extremely cheap. Medan, the capital of Indonesia’s North Sumatra province, has guest rooms available for as little as £5 and on the beautiful island of Sumatra, the starting cost of a double room is just £6.

Indonesian food prices are another reason to visit the historic country. Popular street food dishes include noodles, which cost around £1.50 for a tasty plateful and fresh fish dishes that will set you back around £2.50. A sit down meal in a local Indonesian restaurant will cost you between £4 and £7, whilst fancier Western style food chains will cost anywhere up to £10 per person.

In relation to the cost of living, alcohol prices are relatively expensive. A cost of Bintang (a local beer) in a convenience store will cost around £1.20 and the same beer in bars and clubs will be anything from £2 to £5.

If you’re considering visiting Indonesia, then check out Tanjung Putting. A visit to the National Park will allow you to see gibbons, macaques, leopards, sun bears, pythons, crocodiles and orangutans. Being such a popular tourist attraction, many local tour operators will take you to the Tanjung Putting for a reasonable price.

The legendary Baliem Valley is another must visit destination. The highlands of Western New Guinea offer a glimpse into what was recently a Stone-Age world. The local Dani people who call Baliem Valley home, were only discovered in 1938 after American Richard Archbold chanced upon the valley after taking a flight from Jayapura. Whilst the Dani people have replaced their stone axes with mobile phones, the surrounding highlands still remain one of the world’s last tribal areas.

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Budapest, Hungary

Although prices have increased in the Hungarian capital over the last few years, Budapest still remains one of the cheapest destinations in Europe. With tasty meals from as little as £2, to train tickets from £1 and accommodation from £15, there are plenty of bargains to be sought in Budapest.

Widely considered the food capital of Europe, Budapest really does have something for everyone. The city offers fantastic street food, with endless amounts of delicious cafes and numerous Michelin-starred restaurants.

A fresh and tasty Gyro (a pita full of pork, chicken, beef or lamb, with a choice of sauce), will cost you roughly £2.50 from a fast food establishment, whilst a meal in a quality Michelin-starred restaurant will cost around £25 per person.

To wash all the delicious food down, a bottle of beer will cost you around 70p in the local supermarkets and £1.50 in bars and pubs. If you’re after some fine wine, then Hungary is the place to be, with glasses of wine costing as little as 90p in the local bars.

Food and drink aside, if you’re thinking about heading to Hungary in 2016, make sure you visit Lake Balaton, which is one of the largest lakes in Europe. Located an hour and a half outside of Budapest, Lake Balaton is easily accessible by train. Once there, you can take a swim in the lake, put your sailing skills to the test, or hike in the surrounding hills. Alternatively, if you’re after a more relaxed day, then sit back and sample locally produced wines from nearby vineyards.

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Paraguay is one of those destinations that for some reason people rarely consider visiting, despite the country’s natural beauty and fascinating culture. Whilst Paraguay is considered to be the second poorest country in South America, it’s incredibly rich in resources, culture and history.

The local currency, the Guarani is now one of the cheapest currencies in the world. A country wrapped in mystery, it takes time to peel away the top layers and glimpse the heart and soul of this lovely country. Whichever part of the country you visit, you will find cheap, quality accommodation starting from £10 per night.

Without doubt, the best thing about Paraguay is its food. Popular dishes in Paraguay include empanadas (meat/egg stuffed in a pastry and baked) and milanesa (breaded and fried chicken/beef/fish), which can be picked up on local food stalls for as little as £1. The cost to eat in local restaurants is roughly £4 per person and the cost of a local beer is roughly 75p, whilst an imported beer will cost you double.

To see one of the most spectacular sights on earth, head to Iguazu Falls. The magnificent spectacle of these 275 individual drops has lured tourists to the Falls for centuries. The name of the Falls comes from the Tupi or Guarani language, and translates in English to “big water”. Although local tribes have always known about Iguazu Falls, it was only officially ‘discovered’ in 1541, after Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca (a Spanish Conquistador), stumbled across them.

To visit the Falls, which are shared between Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina, the perfect crossing point is the bustling town of Ciudad del Este, which is the second largest city in Paraguay. Whilst Ciudad del Este doesn’t have typical tourist attractions, there’s an abundance of shops that are perfect for picking up some cheap bargains and there are plenty of places to eat and drink too.

For the latest currency exchange rate in Indonesia, Hungary and Paraguay, please click here or call us direct on 0800 188 4002.

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