Student Shopper Card The perfect way to help students budget

Student Shopper Card

The Asda Student Shopper Card is the perfect way to budget throughout the term for any student, allowing money to be set aside for essentials at Asda and providing peace of mind for their parent, it’s a win-win situation! Parents rest easy in the knowledge that their son or daughter eats well while studying. Students have one less thing to worry about – and a nice full stomach. Not to mention money to buy everyday essentials like washing powder and tin openers.

How it works

An Asda Student Shopper Card is really two cards: one for the parents and one for students. Both cards are linked together, so parents can add money to their card and automatically top up their student's card. Students can then spend the credit on anything they need in in any Asda store and on Adding money couldn’t be easier, either top up in-store or online. The balance on the card is protected once it’s registered online here. Oh, and one more thing, it’s completely FREE to use.

To get started, simply pick up your Asda Student Shopper Card from any Asda Store or order online.

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Benefits to the parent

  • The Asda Student Shopper Card is free
  • You can financially support a student at university without intruding too much
  • Top-up the card with your weekly shop or online any time
  • Peace of mind that the money will be used in Asda
  • Check the balance of the card online so you know when it's running low

Benefits to the student

  • Helps you budget for grocery shopping while at university by keeping it separate from your other spending money
  • There are over 600 Asda stores to choose from in the UK where you can spend your card