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Home Insurance

All the comforts of home, covered

Why choose price over comprehensive cover when you can have both? Compare quotes from the UK’s leading providers so you can find the home insurance that suits your needs and your budget. Whether you’re insuring a house, flat, or just the contents of your home, you can find great cover and personalise it so you only pay for what you need.

Home Insurance Types

  1. Buildings Insurance

    Covers the main structure of your home

    Cover yourself if you need to rebuild or repair your home after a fire, flood or theft. Your provider could also cover fitted kitchens and bathrooms.

    Buildings insurance overview
  2. Contents Insurance

    Covers all the belongings in and around the home

    Helps cover costs if items in and around the home get damaged. Contents are usually defined as items that can be picked up and moved.

    Contents insurance overview
  3. Optional Cover

    Avoid paying over the odds

    Carefully choose from a range of options to tailor your cover to your budget and your needs

    Optional cover overview

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About Home Insurance:

What is Home Insurance?

Home insurance covers your home for the cost of damage caused by certain events or accidents. It’s generally made up of two parts, buildings insurance and contents insurance, that can be bought individually or together.

When you have Home Insurance, you’re able to claim for help covering the cost of damage to your home, its contents, or both. If there was a fire in your home, for example, Home Insurance would mean that you could make a claim to cover the costs of the damage it caused, as long as you had the right level of coverage.

Why do I need Home Insurance?

If your house is damaged by a fire, or you're a victim of a burglary, home insurance protects you from the cost of replacing anything that gets damaged or destroyed.

If you don't have home insurance, you'd have to find the money to replace or repair everything yourself. This could even involved rebuilding your home if something more serious were to happen.

Even if you rent your home or flat, your possessions could be damaged in a flood or a fire, and the cost of replacing things like clothes, sofas, or you TV could get very expensive if you don't have contents insurance.

What is actually covered by Home Insurance depends on the policy you choose and can range from standard risks like fire, storms, a flood or a burst pipe, to accidental damage to your belongings.

You can choose what you want to be covered against to make sure you’re not paying more than you need to, and tailor your home insurance to fit your needs.

You should also make sure anything especially valuable is specifically covered by your insurance, such as antiques or expensive equipment.

Top Home Insurance FAQs:

Do I need Home Insurance?

Neither buildings insurance nor contents insurance are actually legally required so, technically, no you don’t need them. However, some mortgage providers will require you to have at least buildings insurance before lending you money to make sure that their loan is protected and, without home insurance, you run the risk of being responsible for the full cost of any repairs your home needs after a serious incident like a fire.

Especially if you own your home, getting home insurance is a sensible decision to make sure you’re not caught out unprotected in the event of a disaster.

Is theft covered by Home Insurance?

This will vary from provider to provider but, generally, theft of your belongings will be covered by contents insurance. Following the general rule that contents insurance is to cover your possessions while buildings insurance insures you for damage to the structure of your home, standalone buildings insurance typically won’t include coverage for theft.

What does accidental damage mean?

Again, the definition of accidental damage varies depending on who you choose to take a home insurance policy with. In most cases, however, accidental damage cover will protect you against damage that’s caused suddenly by non-deliberate actions. This could include knocking over a glass of wine and ruining your carpet, drilling into your wall and hitting a pipe, or even a toddler bumping into your TV and causing it to topple and break.

How do I make a change to my policy or make a claim?

If you took out a Home Insurance policy after 1st September 2019 and you need to make a claim or any changes to your policy, please contact your provider, whose details will be on your policy documents.

If you took out an Asda Home Insurance policy before 1st September 2019, please call 0800 479 8711 and our team can take you through the next steps.

Lines are open 8am to 7pm Monday to Friday (except bank holidays), 9am to 5pm Saturday. Calls may be recorded and monitored.

About our trusted partner, Vast Visibility

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We’ve carefully selected Vast Visibility as our home insurance partner because they are trusted industry experts who have years of experience searching the market to get you the best possible prices.
With one simple online form, you get a range of quotes from leading UK providers so you can find the one that suits you best.

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