Travel Insurance for Gadgets Guide

Keeping your tech protected abroad

Young girl sat on the floor with her pink suitcase in an airport on her phone and laptop

From your mobile phone to your tablet, laptop or e-reader, we’re taking more tech with us when we go away than ever before.

Entertaining yourself on flights, catching up on your reading list or keeping in touch with family can all be important when travelling, but you’ll likely want some peace of mind around protecting gadgets you’re taking with you just in case something happens.

What is Gadget Cover?


Gadget cover is an optional extra you can get on your policy to ensure whatever tech you have is protected against incidents like accidental damage and theft – things which can just as easily occur at home as they can when travelling.

Usually, you’ll take out a gadget cover policy which covers your mobile phone – something that practically everyone carries on them at all times – and other gadgets like your laptop or smartwatch against things like:

  • Accidental damage
  • Liquid damage
  • Breakdowns
  • Theft
  • Lost gadgets
  • Unauthorised usage (when lost or stolen)
  • Replacing lost or stolen accessories

There can be limitations applied to each type of incident, such as lost gadget cover only applying to certain types of gadget, but these limitations can vary from policy to policy.


Does travel insurance cover gadgets?


Practically all travel insurance policies will have an amount given for replacing valuables (including bits of tech), but this will likely have a number of limitations and have a combined limit for all of your bits of tech.

This can make it difficult to cover all your gadgets if you’re planning on taking a number of different things with you, especially if you have other things which would come under valuables, as the policy limit may not cover the total it would cost to replace most modern phones and tablets should they get lost or stolen.

While you can get standalone gadget cover which can include gadget cover abroad, you can also find travel insurance policies which include gadget cover as an add-on. We offer an optional valuables extension as a policy add-on for all tiers of our travel insurance so you can ensure you have cover for all the gadgets you plan on taking with you on your travels.

This can be especially handy as it means you don’t have to take out a separate gadget cover policy for your trip, as your travel insurance policy will take care of any mishaps that might happen. 

Do you need gadget cover on travel insurance?


You’ll usually find that gadget cover is an optional extra with most travel insurance policies. While gadget cover isn’t an essential part of your travel insurance, it can be an extremely useful thing to include within your travel insurance policy if you don’t already have standalone gadget cover. Choosing gadget cover as an add-on means you can also ensure you have a high enough limit to cover the total amount it would cost to replace your gadgets, should you need to claim. 

The small fee it can cost to add gadget cover is normally a lot lower than it would set you back if you have to pay for any repairs or a replacement for your gadget, so it can be a smart option to have when considering the financial side of things.

Holidays are for enjoying yourself and leaving your worries behind, so giving your valuables proper cover and means that unfortunate accidents don’t completely ruin your trip. You have the reassurance that your tech is protected and can fixed or replaced as soon as possible, so you can get back to enjoying your time away.


What travel insurance products cover mobile phones?


Practically all forms of gadget insurance will include valuables cover as standard. However, the limit on valuables cover may not cover the amount it would cost to replace a modern mobile phone.

Choosing gadget cover as an add-on to your travel insurance policy means you can have a higher claim limit to cover your mobile phone (plus any additional gadgets), so would offer more sufficient cover.