Great benefits on Over 50s Life Cover

With the reassurance of guarantees.

  • Premiums from £5 a month (depending on age) that never go up - Guaranteed

    As soon as you decide how much you want to pay for your cover, we guarantee your premiums will never increase so with Asda, you always know where you stand. When choosing how much you'd like to pay each month, it's worth bearing in mind that your amount of cover is fixed when your plan starts and doesn't change. This means inflation will reduce the buying power of your cash lump sum.

  • Guaranteed acceptance, without a medical

    As long as you're aged 50 to 80 and living in the UK, there's no medical to go through, and you're guaranteed to be accepted.

  • Get £300 more with the funeral benefit option

    Choose our Funeral Benefit Option and you’ll get an extra £300 towards your funeral at no cost to you. If you choose this Option to get the Funeral Benefit your Funeral will need to be provided by Dignity. Your funds will be 'charged' directly to Dignity and used towards your funeral cost. You cannot receive our Funeral Benefit Option if you opt for your cash lump sum. 

  • Full cover after 1 year - guaranteed.

    Whereas some plans won’t pay out in full if you pass away in the first two years, Asda Over 50s Life Cover pays out in full if you die after only one year. Just another benefit of our life cover for over 50s.  However if you die within the first 12 months, depending on the circumstances, the plan may only pay out the premiums you've paid without interest. 

  • Comes with a capped payment Option

    If you choose our capped payment Option, although you'll get less cover for your money, it means you’ll stop paying premiums once the total you’ve paid reaches your chosen amount of cover. So if you chose cover of £4,000 you’d stop paying premiums as soon as you’ve paid up to that amount. Premiums for this start from £15 a month (depending on your age), but you’ll never pay more than will be paid out when you die – and that’s guaranteed.

  • You choose the level of cover you want and how it's paid

    The amount you choose to pay each month determines how much cover you can get. You can choose cover from a minimum of £650 up to a maximum of £10,000. And you can either choose your plan to pay out a cash lump sum to your loved ones or it can be put towards your funeral service, with the Funeral Benefit Option.

  • Uncapped premiums are payable for a maximum of 30 years - guaranteed

    With Asda Over 50s Life Cover, uncapped premiums are payable for a maximum of 30 years - guaranteed. If you choose the uncapped option, depending on how long you live, you may end up paying more than is paid out when you pass away.