Funeral Benefit Option

What it means and how you can receive an extra £300

  • Eases the financial worry for your family
  • Makes things easier for your loved ones
  • Won't cost you a penny extra
  • Why choose the Funeral Benefit Option with Dignity?

    Selecting the Funeral Benefit Option ensures that you’ll get an extra £300, added to your lump sum – at no extra cost to you. The Funeral Benefit Option works by letting you ‘charge’ your plan to Dignity – which means that the cash lump sum will go directly towards the cost of your funeral.

  • Who provides the funeral service?

    The Funeral Benefit Option is provided by Dignity. Dignity is one of the leading providers of funeral related services. With more than 770 branches across the UK, they are at the heart of many local communities. Each year on average they conduct over 73,500 funerals, taking pride in the fact that each service was uniquely tailored to the individual and their loved ones. For further information on the Funeral Benefit Option, please read our brochure

  • Rising funeral costs

    The average cost of a basic funeral in the UK in May 2016 was £4,229** and this figure is estimated to increase to £7,533 by 2025***

  • Taking out the Funeral Benefit Option couldn't be easier

    Simply complete the relevant section when you apply to 'charge' your cash lump sum to Dignity. 'Charge' is a term used to describe the process that allows your cash lump sum to be paid directly to Dignity and used by them to pay towards your funeral costs.

  • What else do I need to know?

    If your cash lump sum is greater than the cost of the funeral then the difference will be paid into your estate by Dignity. If the cost of the funeral is greater than you cash lump sum then your estate or next of kin will simply need to pay the difference.

  • How does the Funeral Benefit Option work?
    1. Simply select the Funeral Benefit Option when you apply for your Asda Over 50s Life Cover plan. This means a legal 'charge' is put on your plan so that when you pass away your cash lump sum can be paid directly to Dignity to be used towards your funeral costs.
    2. Dignity will send a Welcome Pack to you within 28 days. In this you will find all the details you need to know about the Funeral Benefit Option including a Funeral Organiser pack containing information to pass to your Next of Kin to ensure they know what to do when the time comes.
    3. Your family will only need to make one call to Dignity when the time comes. A Dignity Funeral Director will then contact them in order to make arrangements and provide all the guidance and support they need.
    4. The Dignity Funeral Director that your family uses will be paid automatically from your cash lump sum and Dignity will add the additional £300 contribution.
    5. If your Asda Over 50s Life Cover cash lump sum is greater than the cost of the funeral, Dignity’s additional £300 contribution will be deducted from the total cost of the funeral.
  • What does the term 'charge' mean?

    'Charge' is the term used to describe the process which allows your cash lump sum to be paid to Dignity and used towards your funeral costs.

  • Can I use any funeral director and still receive the Funeral Benefit Option?

    No. To receive the additional £300 contribution, you must use a Dignity Funeral Director. Dignity have over 750 Funeral Directors in the UK, many of whom have served their communities for generations. Each year on average Dignity conduct over 65,000 funerals across the country.

  • How much does the Funeral Benefit cost?

    At Asda we believe you deserve the best value for money and that's why choosing the Funeral Benefit Option won't cost you a penny extra.

  • Should I tell my loved ones I've taken out the Funeral Benefit Option?

    Yes. It is important to let your loved ones know about your intentions. If your funeral is arranged with an alternative funeral provider, your loved ones will not receive the additional £300 contribution from Dignity.The money that would have been paid to Dignity will go to your estate instead which may then be subject to Inheritance Tax.

  • What if I decide the Funeral Benefit Option isn't right for me?

    You can change your mind at anytime by simply contacting Dignity. Your charge would be released and your Asda Over 50s Life Cover plan will continue as normal (without the additional £300 contribution from Dignity).

  • What happens to the Funeral Benefit Option if I die within the first 12 months?

    Although you’re able to 'charge' your Asda Over 50s Life Cover plan today, you may not be entitled to your Funeral Benefit until you have held your plan for 12 months. If you were to die within 12 months of your plan starting, we may only pay out what you’ve paid in, without interest. In this instance Dignity would release the 'charge', and the proceeds of your plan would be paid to your estate and not to Dignity. However if your loved ones arrange your funeral with a Dignity Funeral Director, Dignity would still be happy to offer the extra £300 contribution, but your Next of Kin would need to pay for your funeral at the time.

  • Can I 'charge' more than one plan to Dignity?

    If your Funeral Benefit Option is an additional £300 contribution, you can charge multiple Asda Over 50s Life Cover plans to Dignity but you will only receive one £300 contribution on the first plan that you charge to Dignity. If your Funeral Benefit Option is a fixed contribution of up to 10%, you cannot charge any further Asda Over 50s Life Cover plans to Dignity as this Funeral Benefit Option is no longer available. However, if you would like to take out another Asda Over 50s Life Cover plan, the cash sum paid when you die can still be used to help towards the cost of your funeral. Your family could use this to pay any outstanding balance directly to the Dignity Funeral Director. Please note, if you have an Over 50s plan with more than one company within the LV= Group brands, you will only be able to charge one of your plans to Dignity. These brands include; Asda, Readers Digest, RAC, Standard Life and Great Deal. If you’re not sure if a plan is eligible for Funeral Benefit please call us on 0800 202 8106 and we’ll be happy to help.