Choose the Funeral Benefit Option and you’ll get an additional £300 towards your funeral at no extra cost.

That’s because your plan is ‘charged’ to Dignity, one of the leading providers of funeral related services in the UK who have over 770 funeral directors nationwide.

How does it work?

  • Charging your plan to Dignity means your cash lump sum is paid directly to them to be used towards funeral costs.
  • They’re experts in their field, so you and your family will have the peace of mind they’ll organise everything sensitively.
  • You and your family can still have everything organised to your exact wishes.
  • You get a little extra towards the cost of your funeral plan.

Good to know

Please note if you have already taken out the Funeral Benefit Option on a previous plan, you may not be able to take out this option on further plans. Please read our FAQs for more.

Why charge your plan to a funeral benefit?

Many people underestimate how expensive funerals can be. Research has shown that the average cost of even a basic funeral in the UK in May 2016 was £4,229.** However, there are many extras to think about, such as a church service, flowers and funeral cars for family members. In 2016, this could have pushed the cost of a funeral up to as much as £5,144.** Even more worryingly, as the chart below shows, we estimate that this figure will increase to £7,533 by 2025.***

** Source: LV= cost of a funeral research – Breaking Blue Research, May 2016 (based upon a sample of 100 UK Funeral Directors). ***This is a projection based on the rise of funeral costs between 2005 & 2016, using a yearly rate of 6.63%. Please be aware that this is only a projection based on the LV= cost of a funeral research, May 2016 (this figure could increase or decrease based on market conditions).