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Why buy in store?

Asda Over 50s Life Cover pays out a cash lump sum to help out those special to you when you’re no longer around. If you’re a UK resident between 50 and 80, you’ll be accepted – guaranteed.

Things to consider

  • Consider how much you want to be paid out and of course how much you want to pay monthly. It’s also worth thinking about inflation – which will reduce the value of the sum of money you leave behind.
  • There’s no cash-in value with this plan. So if you cancel your plan you won’t get back any of your premiums and any beneficiaries won’t get a cash lump sum when you die.
  • If you pass away within 12 months of your plan starting, it may only pay out the premiums you’ve paid in.
  • If you choose the uncapped option you may end up paying more than is paid out when you pass away, but rest assured, premiums are payable for a maximum of 30 years
  • You may want to cap your premiums, so you never pay more in premiums than is paid out when you die
  • The money paid out when you die usually goes to your estate, which could be subject to inheritance tax.
  • If you want your payout to go towards funeral costs, then consider the Funeral Benefit Option, which will add £300 to your final sum with no added cost to you.
  • As usual, we’re here to help, so it’s a good idea to read the Frequently asked questions.
  • The information on this website doesn’t give you advice, it’s up to you to decide if Asda Over 50s Life Cover is right for you. If you’re unsure, please contact a financial adviser.

For more information please see full terms and conditions.

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