Accident Only Pet Insurance is the most basic level of cover we offer. If your pet has an accident, the policy covers up to £2,500 of your pet’s treatment. This policy does not provide cover for any illnesses your pet might get, just accidents.

What does Accident Only Pet Insurance mean for you and your pet?

With an Accident Only pet insurance policy, the total you can claim for each new accident your pet suffers is £2,500. This only varies if there is an additional cover limit set for a specified condition in the policy booklet. There's no limit to the number of separate accidents that you can claim for when you have an Accident Only pet insurance policy.

As long as your policy is in force (which means you renewed it when it ended after 12 months) there's no time limit on a claim. Once the £2,500 limit has been reached, any treatment required as a result of a previous accident is not covered. Going forward, it will be classed as a pre-existing condition and won’t be covered.

Also included in our Accident Only cover are services such as Find a Vet and Find a Pet Sitter (we don't cover the cost of the pet sitter).

What counts as an accident?

An Accident Only pet insurance policy covers any sudden, unforeseen, and unintended event that has caused injury to your pet.

Please note, this is only a brief guide to our Lifetime Pet Insurance, limitations and exclusions do apply. For full details of what is and isn’t covered, please see our Policy Documents.

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