Cash, Card & Up To £15 On Us - FAQ's

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How do I qualify for this online exclusive offer?

Online exclusive offer open to new Asda Travel Money Card customers only. You must be 18 or over, must be a UK resident, and you must buy foreign currency in cash and by loading a new Asda Travel Money Card. There’s a minimum total spend requirement and a minimum amount you need to load onto a new Asda Travel Money Card. The table below shows an example of how you may split your spend to qualify.

How do I get the extra travel money?

It’s easy, make sure your purchase qualifies for the promotion and then use the code “SUMMER15” at checkout. Simply enter the code into the promo code field on the ‘Review your order’ page at the final stage of your order. The promotion will be automatically applied.

How much can I receive?

You can receive up to an extra £15 worth of the first currency you buy. The amount you get will be determined by your total spend. Take a look at this handy table to see. There is a minimum Asda Travel Money Card spend requirement too.

Is there a minimum I must spend to qualify for the promotion?

Yes, the total minimum you can spend to get extra travel money is £400 and at least a minimum of £200 of that needs to be loaded onto a new Asda Travel Money Card. For more information, please read the Terms & Conditions for the online exclusive offer. Here’s a full breakdown of the amounts you need to spend and how much you can get back.

Can I choose which currency I’ll get as my extra travel money?

The first currency you load onto your Asda Travel Money Card is where you’ll receive your extra money on us. Please ensure you add your preferred currency to your basket first. For example, if you want euros and US dollars and you’d like to receive your extra money in euros, you’ll need to put euros first into your basket and then US dollars.

Do I have to purchase a specific currency to qualify? What if I want to purchase a currency which is not available on the ASDA Travel Money Card?

To qualify for the online exclusive offer, you must meet the ‘Minimum Asda Travel Money Card Spend’. So at least part of your purchase must be in any of the foreign currencies available to load onto the Asda Travel Money Card. Don’t worry, there are loads: US dollars, Euros, Australian dollars, New Zealand dollars, Canadian dollars, South African rand, Turkish lira, Swiss francs, UAE dirhams, Mexican peso, Polish złoty, Swedish krona, Czech koruna and Japanese yen. The remainder of your purchase can be in any of the foreign currencies available on the website when you’re buying.

Can I purchase multiple currencies as part of this offer?

Yes, and you can divide these currencies between cash and your Asda Travel Money Card, but to get the travel money on us the minimum Total Spend and Minimum Asda Travel Money Card loads must be met. For example, if you loaded £200 of euro onto your Asda Travel Money Card and purchased £200 of Polish złoty in cash, you would qualify for the promotion as the minimum Total Spend and Asda Travel Money Card Spends have been met. GBP is excluded from this online exclusive offer. For a breakdown of the different spend requirements check out this table.

What if I want to take out cash only or card only?

Unfortunately, you must take out foreign currency in both cash and by loading currency onto your new Asda Travel Money Card to get up to £15 on us.

Can I redeem this offer if I already have an Asda Travel Money Card?

No, the online exclusive offer is open to new Asda Travel Money Card holders only.

Can I redeem this offer more than once?

Unfortunately, not, you may only redeem this offer once. But it sounds like you’ve got a good summer planned.

Is this offer available for delivery and click & collect?

Yes, it is. Up to £15 on us and the convenience of home delivery and click and collect. Your summer holiday is off to a relaxing start. Delivery fees may apply, you can find information about delivery options and delivery fees here.

Can I get this same offer if I buy currency in store?

This page outlines the online exclusive offer only, so you can’t get this exact offer. But the good news is that we are running a summer promotion in our in-store offer. It’s slightly different and exchange rates vary. For information on our in-store promotion, please visit the Terms & Conditions for the In-Store offer.

Is there a limit to how much I can exchange when redeeming the online exclusive offer?

Our standard order limits apply. You can see all the details of our order fulfilment limits here.

Is there a delivery charge for this offer?

Our normal delivery costs apply. Travel Money Card delivery is free and cash delivery is free for orders over £500. If your cash total for the bundle, you choose is under £500 you’ll be charged £4.99 for delivery. When buying cash and card and choosing home delivery they will be delivered separately. Find all delivery fee info here.

Can I redeem this offer if I purchase GBP?

Unfortunately not, British pounds are excluded from this offer in terms of the incentive added and the qualification calculator.

Can I redeem the online exclusive offer with Asda Rewards?

Yes, you can enjoy the Asda Rewards prices and still get up to £15 on us. Enter your Asda Rewards number as usual to get the Asda Rewards prices. Then use SUMMER15 as the checkout code to get the cash and card offer.

How long is the online exclusive offer valid for?

The online exclusive offer is valid until 31 July 2024 at 11:59 pm (BST).

Can I contact someone if I have a query about the online exclusive offer?

You can speak to an advisor on 0800 188 4002 or email