Asda Travel Insurance

Get 10% back in Asda Pounds when you use your Asda Money Credit Card to purchase Asda Travel Insurance. T&Cs apply 

Thinking about your next trip away? Make sure you're covered with Asda Travel Insurance and get 10% of the cost of your policy back in Asda Pounds when you purchase using your Asda Money Credit Card.*

Get holiday cover for the whole year or a single trip away, depending on how much travelling you think you’ll be doing, with three levels of cover available you can tailor the cover to your needs. With Asda Money, you can get up to unlimited cover for medical costs and up to £2,000 for lost bags. With our coronavirus travel insurance you can look forward to getaways with the family once again, and be confident that things are covered if you need to cancel or if someone falls ill. 

Our Travel Insurance policy also provides cover for medical costs and cancellation claims for coronavirus.**

Our Levels of Cover

  • Value

    Our no frills, basic travel insurance includes up to £20m for medical expenses, up to £1,000 if your bags go missing and £300 for your personal money. In addition, our Value cover will also protect you for up to £1,000 per person for cancelling or cutting short your trip or holiday.

    Great for those on a budget looking for peace of mind

    Buy value cover
  • Premium

    With the extra reassurance of up to £25m in cover for medical expenses, our Premium option lets you take off with more peace of mind. We'll also cover you for £1,300 for missing bags and £400 for your cash in addition to up to £2,000 for cancelling or cutting short your holiday.

    The perfect balance of value and peace of mind

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  • Superior

    Get peace of mind on holiday, with our Superior option you have unlimited cover for medical expenses and £2,000 if your bags go walkabout. We cover up to £500 for your cash, plus if you need to cancel or cut short your holiday, our superior policy covers up to £5,000 per person.

    Great for those taking expensive items such as watches and jewellery

    Buy superior cover

Our Insurance Types

  1. Annual Multi-Trip Cover

    Great if you’re planning more than one getaway a year

    This travel insurance gives you cover for an unlimited number of trips over 12 months, saving you money compared to multiple single trip policies.

    Multi-trip cover overview
  2. Single Trip

    Ideal if you’re planning one trip away

    This travel insurance can cover one person or a whole family for an individual holiday, with flexible levels of cover to suit the holiday you have in mind.

    Single trip cover overview
  3. Skiing and Winter Sports

    Optional winter sports cover

    If you’re heading off to the slopes, simply add our winter sports cover to your policy. You’ll be covered for skiing, snowboarding, and much more.

    Skiing and Winter Sports overview

Why choose Asda Travel Insurance?

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    The Asda advantage

    Known for putting value for money at the centre of everything we do

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    Partner expertise

    With over 20 years experience, InsureandGo brands have covered over 27 million travellers

  • Award-winning cover

    Awarded Triple Gold for Best Travel Insurance Provider in the awards 2022, 2023 and 2024

Award Winning Travel Insurance

We're proud to be awarded the Double Gold for Best Travel Insurance Provider by Moneynet.

To be presented this award for 2022 and 2023 is a great honour and demonstrates our dedication to offering our customers fantastic all-round service and great rates.

10% Travel Insurance Offer FAQs

I’ve purchased an Asda Money Travel Insurance policy using my Asda Money Credit Card, when will I receive my 10% back in Asda Pounds?

We will credit your Asda Pounds balance within 3 days of your transaction being made successfully. This will appear in your transaction timeline.

I purchased an Asda Money Travel Insurance policy using my Asda Money Credit Card, and it is set to auto-renew using my Asda Money Credit Card as the payment method. Will I receive the 10% back in Asda Pounds again?

Yes, you will receive 10% back in Asda Pounds each time you pay for an Asda money Travel Insurance policy using your Asda Money Credit Card, for as long as the offer is running.

I purchased an Asda Money Travel Insurance policy using my Asda Money Credit Card before 23 January 2023. Can I still have the 10% back in Asda Pounds?

No, this offer only applies to Travel Insurance policies taken out after 23 January 2023.

I purchased an Asda Money Travel Insurance policy using my Asda Money Credit Card but I haven’t received my 10% back in Asda Pounds, what should I do?

If you think you've not received your Asda Pounds within 10 days of purchasing your insurance policy, you should contact our Customer Service team through Live Chat.

I purchased an Asda Money Travel Insurance policy using my Asda Money Credit Card. What happens to the Asda Pounds I earned on it if I cancel it?

If you cancel your policy within the cooling off period, any Asda Pounds you earned by making that purchase will be deducted from your Asda Pounds balance.

I’m an additional cardholder and have purchased an Asda Money Travel Insurance policy using my Asda Money Credit Card, will I still earn the 10% back in Asda Pounds?


Top Travel Insurance FAQs:

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance coverage helps to protect you against unexpected costs that may arise before or during a holiday, such as medical bills, lost luggage, or delays. You can typically choose between travel insurance for a single trip or an annual policy that protects all your trips for 12 months.

There are different types of cover to choose from, so picking the best travel insurance for you will depend on where you're going and the activities you'll be doing while you're there. So a trip to the USA would need worldwide travel insurance, and going skiing would need to have winter sports cover added to the travel insurance policy.

Why do I need travel insurance?

We all want our holidays to be great fun and give us nothing but happy memories, but there's always a chance that something could go wrong. Travel insurance helps you to put those things right and reduce any worries you might have.

Luggage can go missing, wallet can get stolen, flights get delayed and more - all can lead to extra costs if you're not covered by travel insurance – without it, you can be left seriously out of pocket.

Additionally, if you were injured or fell ill while on holiday without travel insurance, you'd have to pay all the costs yourself, which could get very expensive. Travel insurance is there to help you cover medical costs and give you peace of mind that you’ll be supported if you do get into an accident.

What's covered by travel insurance?

You can choose between Value, Premium and Superior cover with our travel insurance, each of which covers you for the same types of incidents but gives you different amounts you can claim for. These incidents include:

  • Abandoning your trip
  • Accommodation cover
  • Cancelling and cutting short your holiday
  • Delayed departure
  • Hospital benefit
  • Legal expenses
  • Medical and other expenses
  • Passport and travel documents
  • Personal accident, including loss of limbs or sight, permanently disabled and death benefit
  • Personal belongings and baggage
  • Personal liability
  • Personal money

You can find out exactly what you’re covered for in the policy wording documents, as well as how much each level of cover will give you towards each item of coverage.

Does travel insurance cover existing medical conditions?

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, then you’ll need to let us know when you take out a policy. Usually, we can do a medical screening and add you existing condition onto your policy, sometimes with an additional charge depending on the condition. We consider all pre-existing conditions and will try out best to create a policy which is tailored to your specific needs.

When should you get travel insurance?

You should aim to take out your holiday travel insurance when you book your holiday, or as soon as possible, in order to get the maximum benefits from certain items of cover, such as cancellation.

However, if you’re taking out an annual travel insurance policy then you may want to wait until a little bit closer to your trip in order to maximise how long your policy will be valid for.

Does travel insurance cover multiple countries?

Depending on where you’ll be visiting on your holiday, you can choose how many countries you want to be included under your policy. You can choose how wide you want your coverage to be, from UK only cover all the way up to worldwide travel insurance including the USA, Canada, and Caribbean, and your policy will be valid for travelling to any of these countries.

What do I do if I have a medical emergency abroad?

Should the unfortunate happen and you’re ill or injured while away (outside the home area you live in or the final country of your journey if you are on a one-way trip), we’re here to help you.

We’re here 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you are in the USA and need to see a doctor, be sure to contact us on the number above and we’ll help set things up for you using our local network of walk-in centres, urgent care clinics, house-calls and available telemedicine. 

In serious emergencies, seek medical attention at your nearest public healthcare facility before you or someone on your behalf contacts us. Please refer to the ‘What to do - Medical and other emergencies’ section of your policy documents for more details.

You can contact us on the following numbers:

If you bought your policy before 9th November 2021:

Emergency phone number: +44 (0)208 712 1303

Emergency fax number: +353 91 501619

If you bought your policy after 9th November 2021:

Emergency phone number: +44 (0)203 467 4124

When you contact us you will need to provide the following information:

  • Your name and address
  • Your policy number shown on your validation certificate
  • Your phone number abroad
  • The date you left and the date you are due to come back
    You should also refer to page 12 of your policy documents for further details.
What do I do if I have to make a travel insurance claim?

For policies bought before 24th November 2021:

Registering a new claim 

Travel Claims Services no longer manages new claims on behalf of MAPFRE Asistencia.

Charles Taylor is the claims administrator appointed by MAPFRE Asistencia to manage new claims on its behalf.

To register a new claim, please call Charles Taylor on 01243 219 595 and their contact centre will guide you through the process.


Existing claims with travel claims services

If you have an existing claim for which you have been given a claim number by Travel Claims Services, don’t worry, you can still contact us via:


For policies bought after 7th December 2021:

To claim online:
Or call us for a claim form on +44 (0)800 479 8704

Please have your claim number to hand to enable us to locate your claim more quickly.

Is travel insurance worth it?

The peace of mind which travel insurance can give you for your upcoming trip is hard to put a price on, but the amount that you pay for cover is considerably lower than how much you can potentially get out of it if something does go wrong.

What is a good price for travel insurance?

The price of travel insurance will vary from person-to-person, based on a number of criteria like age, the destination or destinations you intend on visiting, and level of cover you’re looking for.

How much does family travel insurance cost?

Much like travel insurance for an individual person, the price of family travel insurance can be influenced by the age of each family member, the destination they’re heading to, and the number of family members who’ll be travelling. 

However, the price of one family travel insurance policy can be much more cost effective than taking out individual travel insurance for each family member, as well as saving the time and effort it would take doing individual policies.

Standard family travel insurance policies can cover up to one adult with three children or two adults with six children, so they can provide fantastic cover for your trip, including replacing the possessions of any family member, any medical treatment, flight cancellations and legal cover if required.

What doesn’t travel insurance cover?

Every travel insurance policy provider is slightly different in terms of what a policy will and will not cover, as well as offering different amounts of cover for different things. It’s worth checking yours carefully to understand what’s covered within it, as some don’t cover as much as others.

As an example, Asda travel insurance won’t cover:

  • Leaving belonging unattended which are then lost or stolen
  • Claims for undeclared medical conditions
  • Engaging in reckless activities or behaviour which result in any form of claim
  • Participating in extreme sports or activities outside of named ones in your policy (e.g. skiing and snowboarding, if you haven't paid for winter sports cover)
  • Violating local road or driving rules
  • Changing your mind about going away on your trip
How can I get cheap travel insurance?

The best way to secure a cheap travel insurance policy is to give as much information as you can to your insurer and be accurate.

If you’re only planning on taking £1,000 worth of items and baggage with you, then you won’t need cover up to £5,000 within your insurance policy.

Avoiding travel insurance sold along with your trip can also allow you to find a travel insurance policy which is more tailored to your specific needs and details.

Make sure to declare any medical conditions you might have to your insurer to ensure you’ll be able to claim if you do end up falling ill overseas. If you don’t let your insurance provider know about your condition, they won’t be able to cover the costs and you could be landed with a large bill you’ll have to foot yourself.

Don't forget, as tempting as it might be to go for the cheapest option, make sure you're not overlooking the quality of a policy over the price. The lowest product tiers cover many of the same benefits but the price limits you can claim for might not cover the amount you may require for all the people on your policy. 

Also, be cautious of some policies which seem substantially cheaper than the average, as chances are they won’t provide you with the same level of cover that reputable travel insurance providers can. Sometimes key types of cover will be missing, or they’ll only offer low amounts of financial assistance for certain things, so be sure to check the policy details carefully.

About our provider, InsureandGo

We have carefully selected InsureandGo as our travel insurance partner because they are a market leading provider, with over 20 years’ experience in the industry, covering over 27 million travellers.

They are a trusted and widely recognised firm providing these services all over the world with Zurich Insurance plc as the insurance underwriter.

Working together, we provide an award-winning product that looks continuously to offer value for money as well as great features such as three kids go free per adult.

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