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Frequently asked questions

We hope that you will find the information you need here about Asda Car Insurance. Please note as of July 9th 2012 Asda Car Insurance changed. Most of the information below refers to policies bought after that date. Please read the relevant sections carefully and always check back against your policy documents. If your query relates to a policy sold before then, please click here for further information.

  • How do I get an Asda Car Insurance quote?

    Just call free phone 0800 054 6027 or click here to get a quote online.

  • Who is my car insurance with?

    Asda Car Insurance is administered by two different teams, if you are unsure who to contact check your policy documents or click here for further information.

    You will need your policy number whenever you contact us so please have it ready when you call.

  • What is an excess?

    An excess is a contribution that you pay towards the cost of a claim. The amount of excess is often up to you and the more you choose to contribute in the event of a claim can mean you pay less of an annual premium. Also, if the claim is found not to be your fault, it's often possible that we can help you get back your excess from the party deemed to be at fault.

  • What if my car is not listed?

    In this case you should call on 0800 181 4902 providing the following details of the car: 

    Detailed Model Type, 
    Body Style (e.g. estate), 
    Year of Registration, 
    Fuel Type, 
    Geared / Automatic, 
    Exact Engine Size CC, 
    Number of Doors 
    and if it is Imported - where from?

    We can only provide cover for vehicles officially imported into the UK that are coded by the Association of British Insurers.

    If you can’t give us all these details we won’t be able to look into your request any further.

    If your vehicle isn’t listed, please do not use the nearest alternative car make and model as this could invalidate your insurance. 

    If your exact vehicle is not listed, you should contact us straight away on 0800 181 4902.

  • What if I'm making a claim?

    Please contact our 24-hour claims service. You can click here for further information.

    We'll confirm:

    • Whether your policy covers you for the incident
    • What you'll have to pay
    • All the steps involved in your claim being settled. 


  • How do I get about while my car is being repaired?

    If you have comprehensive cover and chose the hire car option, our approved repairers will give you a hire car during any repairs to your vehicle.

    If your car is stolen or a total loss and you've selected the hire car option, you may qualify for a replacement vehicle for up to 14 days – we’ll be able to let you know when you contact us.

  • Can I drive abroad on my policy?

    Your policy will automatically cover you to drive in any countries which are members of the European Union to the minimum level of insurance required (usually third party only). If you require a higher level of cover please contact us and we can arrange this.

  • Do I need ‘business use’ insurance to drive to work?

    No. You can drive your vehicle back and forth to the same place of work using social, domestic, pleasure and commuting purposes. We can increase your cover if you need to use your vehicle to visit any other sites of business during your working day. We don’t however, cover any goods or samples carried in connection with business use.


  • Is it safe to use my credit/debit card on your site?

    We know how important it is to protect personal information from possible security risks so all of the information you put into our quote form is protected by encryption. Read our Privacy Policy to find out more.


  • Can I get instant cover with Asda Car Insurance?

    Yes, you can - when you pay online by debit or credit card. Click here to get a quote online or call us on 0800 171 4902.


  • Can I pay monthly for my car insurance?

    Yes, you can if you're aged 18 or over. Terms and conditions apply and this is subject to status.

  • Do you charge for making amendments to my policy?

    This depends on the change. There may be a charge to make some amendments. Please refer to your policy documents or contact us for more information.

  • Can I change my vehicle and keep the same insurance policy?

    This depends on the vehicle. Your premium will probably change as a result and this may mean that you have to pay extra.

    Please contact us for more information and we can advise you of the costs associated with a vehicle change.

  • Do I need to provide proof of my no claims bonus?

    Yes, you need to send this to us within 23 days of your new policy starting. If we don’t receive proof of your no claims bonus your policy may be cancelled and you would then be charged a cancellation fee.

    You need to contact us as soon as possible if you are having difficulties getting hold of proof or have any questions. We may be able to help you find it by contacting your previous insurer

  • Why do I need to send to you a copy of my Driving Licence?

    To make sure all your details are accurate, we need you to provide us with a copy of the Counterpart and both the front and rear of your driving licence photo card, for you and all drivers named on the policy.

    This must be received by us within 23 days from the start of your policy. This lets us validate the details you have provided to us for your policy. 


  • Where do I need to send the copies of my driving licence and my proof of No Claims Discount?

    The quickest and easiest way to send your documents to us is to scan them and email them to alternatively you can post them to

    Validations Team

    Asda Car Insurance
    MMT Centre
    Severn Bridge
    BS35 4BL

    However you choose to send them please make sure that reach us within 23 days of your insurance starting.


  • Why have you sent me a letter / email saying I need to send my driving licence and or proof of No Claims Discount to you, when I have already sent them?

    We automatically send out chaser emails and letters if we have not received your documentation. If you have already sent the required documents we will write to you confirming when we have received and validated them.

    Sometimes your documents and our reminders will cross in the post.

    If you are concerned that we have not received your paperwork please contact us.

  • Can I add someone to my policy on a temporary basis?

    You can add another driver to your policy at any time Please contact us and we’ll help you do this. There are terms and conditions that apply which we will explain to you.

  • Am I insured to drive other vehicles?

    Not all policies cover you to drive other vehicles. If you are covered, this information will be found on your Certificate of Motor Insurance. Please refer to this as well as your policy wording for more information.

  • Will I lose my no claims bonus for an accident which is not my fault?

    No. As long as your claim settlement has been fully recovered by your insurer, which means the third party’s insurer has paid for all of the damage to your vehicle, you will not lose any of your No Claims Bonus.

  • Do I need to make you aware if I have had a conviction within this period of insurance?

    Yes, you need to tell us as soon as you receive any convictions. This will not affect your premium but may at renewal.

  • Can I increase or decrease my excess amount?

    You can only do this when your policy is due for renewal as the excess that you chose while setting up your policy will apply for the full 12 month policy period.

  • How much notice do I need to give if I am going to change my address?

    Please let us know as soon as you know the date that you’ll be moving, so that we can update your policy details.

  • Am I able to use my vehicle for business purposes?

    This is dependent on the options you choose when purchasing  your policy. Please refer to your policy documents for more information on the type of cover you have or contact us for help

  • Am I entitled to a courtesy car?

    All of our comprehensive policies include access to a courtesy car subject to availability. Please refer to your policy documents for full terms and conditions.

    You may be entitled to a hire car if you are insured on a Third Party Fire & Theft policy if your vehicle has been stolen and recovered or has been damaged by Fire. For further information check your policy documents or contact us.

  • What do I do if I breakdown?

    If you purchased Breakdown or Breakdown Cover was included as part of your Asda Car Insurance policy, you should contact the Assistance team on the telephone number in your policy details or check here for contact details.

    They’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    If you purchased an Asda Breakdown policy separately, please call 0800 202 8100 from within the UK or 0044 1689 891 063 if you are in Europe. 

  • Do I need to contact you to arrange renewal of my policy?

    Full details of your renewal will be sent to you 21 days before your renewal date is due. If you would like to discuss your renewal, please contact us.

  • Can I obtain proof of my no claims bonus from you?

    Yes, by contacting our Service team.

  • How do I make a new claim?

    Please call our dedicated claims team and they will be happy to help. You can find the telephone number here.

    Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • How can I find out what is happening with my claim?

    Please call our dedicated claims team and they will be happy to help. You can find the telephone number here.

    Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Do I have cover for my windscreen?

    Yes. Windscreen cover is included as standard on all comprehensive Asda Car Insurance policies. It is also included on Third Party, Fire and Theft policies (where purchased as an optional benefit) where the damage has been caused by fire, lightning, explosion, theft or attempted theft. Please see your policy booklet for full terms and conditions.

  • Your insurance has 5 Stars from Defaqto. What does this mean for me?

    Any car insurance product with a 5 Star rating from Defaqto means you can trust your policy to provide one of the largest range of features and benefits on the market. It’s extra reassurance for you and could be the best option if you’re looking for wider-ranging car cover. Defaqto is an independent research body specialising in rating and comparing financial products from the whole market. 


  • Can I add multiple drivers to my policy?

    With Asda’s additional driver insurance feature, you may be able to add up to 4 drivers to your policy at any time. Just get in touch to add up to 4 drivers to the same cover for your car.

  • Can I add multiple vehicles to my policy?

    If you would like to speak to one of our advisors about buying a multi-vehicle policy, please call us on 01454 635712.

  • Can I manage my account online?

    If you have purchased your Car insurance online from 9th July 2012 you can manage most aspects of your cover online through our online Customer Service Centre.

    If you purchased your cover before this date you may be able to use our online Self Service system depending on your policy number.

    If your policy number starts with the letters AE e.g. AE1234567RAC you can use Customer Service Centre.

    If your policy number starts with anything else unfortunately you will not be able to use online Customer Service Centre and will need to call our Service Team for assistance.

  • Where can I find the number for my local store?

    Contact details for all Asda stores can be found at

  • Am I eligible for the 5% cashback offer?

    From the 21st January 2014, Asda Money will be offering 5% cashback on car insurance when you use your Asda Money Credit Card and pay annually in full (excludes monthly direct debit). Representative 14.9% APR Variable.

    Upon purchasing & renewing your annual Asda Money insurance policy with your Asda Money Credit Card, 5% cashback will be applied automatically on to your next statement. Should you cancel your policy at any point, within the policy year, the 5% will be deducted from the following Asda Money Credit Card statement.  This offer does not affect your right to cancel the policy.  The cashback is facilitated by your Asda Money Credit Card provider, and not supplied by your insurance provider. All Asda Money insurance policy payments must be paid in full and not by direct debit. Asda Money insurance policies included in the offer are as follows; Van, Car, Home, Pet, Annual Travel (not single trip), UK or European Breakdown Cover (Roadside Cover not included).

  • The quote I got wasn't for Value cover; why not?

    We make it an absolute priority to get you the best possible price. And depending on your own circumstances and the information you told us, it sometimes works out that our best price just happens to be on our 5 Star cover.