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Pets are such an important part of our lives, so it’s important to make sure they’re covered by the right pet insurance. Choose from our different types of cover, from Lifetime to 12 Month and Accident Only. You can choose a level of cover to suit you and your budget, and keep your furry friends happy.

Our Insurance Types

  1. Lifetime

    Our most comprehensive policy

    Insure new ongoing conditions for life, with three levels available, covering vet’s fees up to £2,000, £4,000 and £10,000, reinstated annually.

    Lifetime cover overview
  2. 12 Months

    Cover conditions for up to 12 months

    Cover your pet with no limit on number of separate conditions that you can claim for until the 12 month limit ends or costs reach individual monetary limits.

    12 Months cover overview
  3. Accident Only

    Looking out for those little mishaps and your budget

    Cover up to £2,500 of your pet’s treatment for each new accident. Accident Only does not provide cover for any pet illnesses.

    Accident Only cover overview
  4. Multi-pet discount

    Get 10% off two or more pets you insure with us

    Got more paws around the house than you can shake a stick at? Save 10% on every pet you insure with us T&Cs apply.

Why choose Asda Pet Insurance?

Underwritten by Fairmead Insurance Limited (renamed from Legal & General Insurance Limited)

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    The Asda advantage

    Known for putting value for money at the centre of everything we do

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    Partner expertise

    An experienced pet insurer who can offer you the choice of six levels of cover for you and your pet

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    Awarded Best Online Pet Insurance Provider in the Awards 2019

About Pet Insurance:

What is pet insurance?

If you own a pet, you'll know just how expensive vet bills can be. Pet insurance covers you for those unexpected costs up to a limited amount, so you will have fewer financial worries if your pet gets into a scrape.

Different pet insurance policies cover different amounts of vet bills, and over different periods. Our Lifetime policies cover your pet for treatments as long as you keep up the premiums and renew each year, up to your chosen policy limit.

Why do I need pet insurance?

Of course you want to give your dog or cat the best care. That’s where pet insurance comes in. Keep reading to learn the benefits about having pet insurance.

Peace of mind

Accidents, injuries or illness can come out of nowhere and trips to the vet can be pricey. Pet insurance gives you peace of mind. It can help you with the costs if the worst happens.

Managing vet bills

Going to the vets can be costly. This is because vets undergo a lot of training and animal medicines and treatments cost a lot. Instead of having a big vet bill to pay out of the blue, pet insurance can help you.

When you buy pet insurance you can often choose to pay for it monthly. And with some pet insurance, you could get thousands of pounds worth of cover. Sometimes insurers can send the money straight to your vet, making it easier for you too.

Remember though, with your pet insurance, as part of the cost, your premium will increase as your pet gets older.

Third party cover

Only dog insurance includes Third Party Legal Liability cover. This is for when your dog damages property or hurts someone. If you buy Asda Pet Insurance, you will have cover up to £1,000,000 for this. But this is only if the incident happens within the EU.

Types of cover

The type of cover you buy will determine what your pet is covered for. There are three different types of cover we offer:

It’s important to read the policy documents before buying insurance because the different types will cover different things, with all Pet Insurance policies limitations and exclusions apply.

How to choose the best pet insurance for you and your pet

Researching and buying pet insurance is probably the least exciting part of being a pet owner. But it is a very important piece of life admin.

Our pets are special members of our family, whether we have adopted a rescue animal or chosen a particular breed, so it makes sense to have the peace of mind that you have insurance to help protect them.

To get the best benefit of having pet insurance, we recommend reading the policy documents to ensure the cover offered is what you need.

Here are some other things we think are important to know or consider when choosing the best insurance for your pet:

  • Most insurers only cover cats and dogs. If you have another type of pet, you should look for specific insurance for that animal.
  • Dog insurance should include Third Party Liability cover, which covers your dog if it damages property or hurts anybody.
  • There are different levels of cover limits you can choose. This means that there are maximum amounts that your pet insurer will pay out. Sometimes this maximum might apply to each condition or during a certain time period.
  • There are different types of pet insurance cover to choose from. For example, Accident Only (won’t cover illnesses), 12 Month cover (doesn’t cover fees that occur after 12 months since the condition is first treated) and Lifetime cover (still needs to be renewed every year to make sure your pet is covered for ongoing conditions) Learn more about the costs of pet insurance here.
  • Excesses will apply, and sometimes something called co-payment will also apply when your pet is over a certain age. These are when your insurer requires you to pay a certain amount towards to the vet bill. And remember, your pet insurance premium will increase as your pet gets older. Find out more about the costs of insuring a dog or a cat.
  • Routine veterinary visits or vaccinations aren’t usually covered by pet insurance.

Top Pet Insurance FAQs:

What’s the 24 hour Vet Advice Line and how will it benefit me?

Included in any of our pet insurance policies, is unlimited access to a 24 hour freephone veterinary support and advice service. Fully qualified staff on the other end can advise on common illnesses such as vomiting and skin problems, as well as common pet owner queries such as preventing fleas, exercise and diet. It’s also good to know you can get out of hours support when your local vet isn’t open.

Is my pet covered for pre-existing conditions?

Pre-existing conditions are not covered. Like most policies from other providers, your Asda Pet Insurance policy will not cover any medical condition or symptoms that your pet had before the start date of your policy or any that occur during the first 14 days of your insurance cover.

How do I claim?

If you need to get in touch with us to make a claim on your pet insurance policy, please find the details on how to do so on our contact us page.

Award Winning Pet Insurance

We're proud to be awarded the Best Online Pet Insurance Provider by in 2019.

The longest standing awarding body in the industry, YourMoney considers competitiveness of price and structure as well as the customer experience of mystery shoppers. To receive this award is confirmation of our excellent pet insurance offering and the service experience we provide to our customers.

About our underwriter, Fairmead Insurance

We’ve carefully selected Fairmead Insurance Limited (renamed from Legal & General Insurance Limited), part of the Liverpool Victoria General Insurance Group as our pet insurance underwriter, given their experience with pet insurance.

Working together, we’ve been able to bring our customers great pet insurance products that aim to offer value for money and some fantastic features, such as the 24-hour vet helpline, and the option to pay monthly by direct debit with no interest charges.

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