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Find the right level of insurance for your bike at a price you’re happy with. Just one application and you can compare the leading motorbike insurance providers in the UK, hand-picked so you can get the best value for money and the highest quality cover.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been riding for weeks or decades, you’ll find something to suit. On Average, 50% of customers paid less than £281 

Levels of Cover

  • Third Party

    Covering you for damage or injuries caused to others in the case of an accident however not providing any personal injury costs or repairs for your motorbike.

    The legal minimum for the budget conscious

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  • Third Party, Fire and Theft

    Third party, fire and theft covers the cost of damage caused to others, but also includes any damage your motorbike gets from fire or if it gets stolen.

    Additional peace of mind whilst covering others

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  • Fully Comprehensive

    Packaging everything from third party, fire and theft insurance and adding in protection for you and your vehicle.

    The most complete coverage possible

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About Motorbike Insurance:

What is Motorbike Insurance?

Motorbike insurance is designed to help protect riders against costs in the event of an accident or incident, like vandalism or the. All motorbike riders in the UK are required to have insurance by law.

When it comes to choosing the right motorbike insurance for you, there are a few different types you can pick, as well as additional benefits that can come with some policies. Take a look at our customer reviews to find out what people think about our motorbike insurance.

Why do I need Motorbike Insurance?

Riding a motorbike in the UK without insurance is illegal, and you could receive points on your license and large fines. If you were to get into an accident without insurance, then you would have to cover any repair costs or compensation to other parties out of your own pocket.

Some motorbike insurance providers have additional benefits packaged in with their policies, so be sure the check each policy carefully to make sure you know what is included.

Comparing motorbike insurance with Asda allows you to look at offers from the top UK insurance providers to find your perfect insurance policy, giving you the right level of coverage and value for money.

How does Asda Motorbike Insurance comparison service work?

Comparing motorbike insurance with Asda allows you to look at offers from the top UK insurance providers to find your perfect insurance policy, giving you the right level of coverage and value for money.

Once you've completed a simple online form, you'll be presented with prices from around 40 of the best motorbike insurance providers in the UK.

The comparison will show you the cheapest policy first, giving you prices for Comprehensive, Third Party Only, and Third Party, Fire and Theft insurance policies individually so you can pick the one that suits you. For more information, check out our FAQs page.

What are the different types of Motorbike Insurance?

Third Party

Third party motorbike insurance gives you the minimum level of insurance needed to fulfil the legal requirements within the UK. This covers you for any injuries or damage done to third parties and helps you to pay out for compensation. However, this level of cover doesn’t cover any personal injury costs or repairs for your bike if you do get into an accident.


Third Party, Fire and Theft

Third party, fire and theft gives you cover for any damage caused to other people, as well as against any fire damage to your bike, damage from the or if your bike gets completely stolen. This type of policy doesn’t include a pay out toward repairs for your bike if you do get into an accident, but the additional areas of coverage can help protect you against nasty surprises.


Fully Comprehensive

Fully comprehensive motorbike insurance is the complete package in terms of insurance. Everything from third party insurance, to fire and theft, to accidental damage to your bike is included, giving you the reassurance that you’re covered if anything is to happen. Each comprehensive policy can contain benefits, so it’s worth checking what compensation you’re entitled to in the event of an accident.

Other factors you have to consider are what you primarily use your motorbike for (social only, social commuting, business) and what extras you would be interested in (pillion cover, breakdown cover, leather and helmet insurance) which could be included within your motorbike insurance policy. For more information, take a look at our motorbike insurance blog.

Top Motorbike Insurance FAQs:

What factors affect my insurance price?

Just like with car insurance, the cost of motorbike insurance is affected by a range of factors. These include:

  • Your age
  • What type of bike is being insured
  • Any previous convictions or bike insurance claims
  • How much and how you plan to use your motorbike
  • What level of insurance coverage you want
  • Where you park your bike
How can I make my motorbike insurance cheaper?

You can usually reduce your premium by making changes to the level of coverage you have, opting for just third party cover rather than comprehensive, for example. Other factors can also bring down the cost of motorcycle insurance, including reducing how often you ride, adding security locks to your vehicle, and downgrading to a bike with a smaller engine.

Can I transfer car no claims bonus to a motorbike?

This varies between insurers but, generally, you won’t be able to transfer your car no claims bonus to a new motorbike insurance policy.

Does motorbike insurance cover me to carry passengers?

Most motorbike insurance policies these days won’t include pillion cover, meaning that you’re uninsured to carry passengers. However, some insurers might still include it in

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