Motorcycle Breakdown Cover

Breakdown cover for you and your motorcycle

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UK Roadside Motorcycle Recovery


Motorcycle breakdown cover in the UK is offered by most insurance companies, and here at Asda Money we offer motorbike breakdown cover to our customers as part of our vehicle breakdown cover service. Motorcycle breakdown recovery services are there to help repair your motorcycle at the roadside should you break down or take your motorbike to a nearby garage. They’ll also help you to get back home safely.


We have over 4,000 breakdown professionals here at Asda Money, ready to provide assistance should your motorcycle ever break down on the road – whether that’s a punctured tyre or something more complicated. They’ll work to solve the issue and fix your motorbike at the roadside, but if that’s not possible, they’ll take it to a garage nearby for repairs.


Our nationwide motorcycle breakdown cover provides roadside assistance at least a quarter of a mile from your home, roadside recovery to a nearby garage or destination of your choice up to 10 miles away from where you break down. This covers anywhere in the UK including the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and the Republic of Ireland, and offers up to six callouts per year.



European motorcycle breakdown cover


You can also add European motorbike breakdown cover to your breakdown cover policy, which extends your motorcycle recovery to include Europe. This can come in handy for those who like to travel to Europe with their motorcycle for those incredible biking holidays.


Motorbike European breakdown cover is often available to add on to your existing UK breakdown cover, or you can buy it as a separate policy for an individual trip. If you buy it as an annual policy on top of your UK policy, you are able to take your motorbike with you on unlimited trips to Europe, however the cover will be limited to a certain number of days per trip.



What types of motorcycle breakdown cover are there?

There are two main types of motorbike breakdown cover that you can choose from – these are either personal cover for you no matter what motorbike you’re riding or cover for your specific motorcycle.


Cover for you essentially covers the named person who rides the motorbike - or even if you’re just a passenger – so you can call on roadside assistance if you were to ever break down on any motorbike, scooter or moped. Personal cover policies can cover up to four people living at the same address and can be useful for those who own more than one motorcycle.


Cover for the vehicle applies to a specific motorbike that is specified in your policy documents. It means that the bike is always protected regardless of who is riding it.

What vehicles are included in motorcycle breakdown cover?

Motorbike breakdown cover usually includes cover for motorbikes, mopeds and scooters that are more than 49cc. Vehicles such as electric wheelchairs, electric pavement vehicles or any other vehicles that are not allowed on the road will not be covered by motorcycle breakdown policies.

Is motorcycle breakdown cover expensive?

The cost of motorbike breakdown cover will depend on the level of cover you choose, as some policies may be more expensive if they offer more features and benefits, such as cover for vehicle hire or overnight accommodation. The cost of your policy will also depend on factors such as the number of motorbikes you want covered, the age of your bike (as older models are often more expensive to cover), and how powerful the motorcycle’s engine is.

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