Asda Pet Insurance

Frequently asked questions

  • What type of cover does Asda Pet Insurance provide?

    Asda Pet Cover is only for cats and dogs and offers two types of insurance – 12 month cover and cover per condition.

    12 month cover

    Our Value and Standard policies offer 12 month cover. So if your pet becomes ill, they’ll be covered to the vet's fee limit for up to 12 months - as long as you keep your policy renewed, your premiums up to date and the insurer invites renewal. If your pet still needs treatment after the 12 months have passed, they will not be covered. Cover begins from the first clinical signs of illness.

    Cover per condition

    Our 5 Star Defaqto rated Superior policy covers up to £6,000~ of vet's fees, so if your pet becomes ill they’ll be covered up to that limit for as long as they need the treatment – again, subject to renewing your policy when it is due. Your premiums must have been paid and up to date.

     ~Up to the sum insured. For continuous treatment payments must be up-to-date and your policy renewed. Superior cover only. 


  • Is there anything you do not cover?

    We try our best to cover as many conditions for cats and dogs as possible. The list below shows some of the events that are not included. You can look at our policy wording for full details and for other exclusions.

    • The cost of treating an illness or injury that first shows clinical signs or happens in the first 14 days of cover
    • Routine examinations, vaccinations and preventative treatments
    • Any medical condition that your pet had before cover was started
    • Dental treatment except as a result of an accident


  • How do you calculate my quote?

    We look at the breed of your pet, its age, sex, original purchase price and where you live when working out the cost of your cover.

  • Will the cost of my insurance change each year?

    When your quote’s due for renewal, we’ll recalculate the cost of your insurance. As your pet gets older it costs more to insure so you may see a rise in your insurance each year.

  • Are there any age limits?

    You can purchase Asda Pet Insurance for your dog or cat as soon as they are over 8 weeks old. Once your pet's policy has been issued, they can be covered up to any age, as long as the policy is renewed and payments are up-to-date. The only benefit that stops is death from illness cover. When your dog is over 9 years old or your cat over 11 years old, we won't give you back the purchase price if they die or have to be put to sleep through illness or natural causes. All other benefits continue.

  • What are the excesses I will have to pay, should I make a claim?

    The amount you’ve agreed within your individual policy will be paid towards each new illness or injury. If you have a dog, you’ll also need to pay a £100 excess towards any claim for third party liability occurring in the UK or £250 if the incident is outside the UK but within the EU. 

    All Veterinary claims will be subject to 10% co-insurance in addition to the compulsory excess payable per condition. This now means that you will be required to pay a percentage contribution based upon the veterinary costs for all Veterinary claims. The percentage will be applied after the deduction of the compulsory excess.


  • How do I claim?

    Call us on 0844 561 1467 (Lines open Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm, Saturday 9am to 2pm. Maximum call charge from a BT landline is 4p per minute. Calls from other networks may vary. Please check with your network operator) and we’ll send you a personalised claim form with your details already filled in. To make it easier for you we usually pay the vet directly if they are set up for this. If the vet is unable to offer this facility or you’ve already paid the vet, we’ll send you a cheque. Full instructions about how to claim will be provided in your welcome pack.

  • What if I want to cancel?

    If you need to cancel your policy before it is due for renewal please call us on 0800 181 4904, between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday or 9am to 5pm on Saturdays and we can arrange this for you. If you have made a claim, and pay by instalments, the remaining premium will be due. If you have made a claim and paid for your premium in full, we cannot give you a refund.


  • Can I change my cover?

    Yes, you can change the cover you have when your policy is due for renewal. Please contact us at the time and we will make the necessary changes to your policy. Any existing conditions will become a pre-existing condition and may not be covered on any new policy.

  • Can I pay by Direct Debit?

    Yes. It lets you break your premium down into more affordable monthly payments† and you can relax knowing that, when your renewal’s due, your cover will continue unless you tell us otherwise. We don’t charge any interest for paying your premiums monthly.

  • When does my vet fee cover start?

    Your vet fee cover starts when treating an illness or injury that first shows clinical signs or happens 15 days after the start date of your pet’s insurance.

  • What is a pre-existing condition?

    A pre-existing condition is any condition or medical symptom that has occurred or existed in any form prior to the start of your policy.

  • Is my pet covered for pre-existing conditions?

    Pre-existing conditions are not covered. Like most policies from other providers, your Asda Pet Insurance policy will not cover any medical condition or symptoms that your pet had before the start date of your policy or any that occur during the first 14 days of your insurance cover.

  • Is my pet covered if we travel abroad?

    Yes, provided you’re travelling to Eire or a member country of the PETS Travel Scheme and comply with the requirements of this scheme while you are abroad. You can find out further information about the PETS Travel Scheme by visiting the PETS Travel Scheme website run by DEFRA.

  • What’s the Asda Vet Helpline and how will it benefit me?

    Buy your cover from Asda and you can call a freephone Asda Vet Helpline± as part of the service. With fully qualified staff who can advise on common illnesses such as vomiting and skin problems, as well as common pet owner queries such as preventing fleas, exercise and diet. It’s also good to know you can get out of hours support when your local vet isn’t open.

    ±Calls are free from a BT Landline only. (Calls from other networks and from your mobile may incur a cost).

  • Our Superior cover has a top rated award from Defaqto. What does this mean for me?

    An insurance product with a 5 Star rating from Defaqto means you can trust your policy to provide one of the largest range of features and benefits on the market. Defaqto is an independent research body specialising in rating and comparing financial products from the whole market. 

  • Am I eligible for the 5% cashback offer?

    From the 21st January 2014, Asda Money will be offering 5% cashback on pet insurance when you use your Asda Money Credit Card and pay annually in full (excludes monthly direct debit). Representative 14.9% APR Variable.

    ^^Upon purchasing & renewing your annual Asda Money insurance policy with your Asda Money Credit Card, 5% cashback will be applied automatically on to your next statement. Should you cancel your policy at any point, within the policy year, the 5% will be deducted from the following Asda Money Credit Card statement.  This offer does not affect your right to cancel the policy.  The cashback is facilitated by your Asda Money Credit Card provider, and not supplied by your insurance provider. All Asda Money insurance policy payments must be paid in full and not by direct debit. Asda Money insurance policies included in the offer are as follows; Van, Car, Home, Pet, Annual Travel (not single trip), UK or European Breakdown Cover (Roadside Cover not included).