Asda Travel Insurance

Frequently asked questions

  • Am I eligible for the 10%^^ cashback offer?

    Asda Money is offering 10% cashback on car insurance when you use your Asda Money Credit Card and pay annually in full (excludes monthly direct debit). Representative 18.9% APR Variable.


  • Is it safe to put my personal details online?

    Yes. Whenever Asda Travel Insurance ask you for personal information, it is within a secure environment and all details sent between your PC and the Asda Travel Insurance website are encrypted.

About the insurer

  • Who insures Asda Travel Insurance?

    Asda Travel Insurance is underwritten by ACE European Group Ltd. The ACE Group of Companies is one of the world’s largest providers of insurance and reinsurance. Since 1985, ACE has expanded rapidly and now operates in 50 countries around the world.

Policy arrangements

  • I’m travelling today. Can I get instant cover and policy documents?

    As soon as your credit or debit card details have been accepted, confirmation of your cover is provided on screen, and to the email address you have given. You can also choose to get a text with cover details to your mobile. Provided you have your policy number, emergency number and claims number, you have all the basic information you need.

  • Can I travel without my documents?

    Yes you can. A policy reference number is all that is needed for proof of insurance when travelling. It is however, recommended that you take your documents with you for information and also for when you are asked for brief details of your policy cover. Or, if you don't yet have documents, remember to take a note of important telephone numbers you might need.

  • When does my cover begin?

    If you are buying a Single Trip policy, your cover begins instantly. If you are buying an Annual Multi-Trip policy, you can choose when your cover begins (up to 45 days in the future). If you have already booked a holiday, and have no other travel insurance arrangements in force, you should ensure your policy starts immediately, so you are covered for cancellation.

  • Can I change my policy details?

    Yes you can. If you need to update information about yourself, such as a change of name, address or telephone number Asda Travel Insurance will re-issue an updated policy schedule. If you need to add Winter Sports cover or want to increase the number of people insured, Asda Travel Insurance will just need to issue a new policy and schedule. Just call on 0800 519 9936 to make these changes.

  • How do I renew my Annual Multi-Trip policy?

    Asda Travel Insurance will remind you about 3 weeks before your policy expires, and offer you the opportunity to buy another policy by telephone or internet.

General cover questions

  • How many days am I actually covered per year under the Annual Multi-Trip policy?

    The Annual Multi-Trip policy covers you for individual trips of up to 30 consecutive days. You can take as many individual trips as you like providing you don't spend more than 90 days abroad in any insurance period. If you select the Winter Sports cover option, you will be covered for up to 21 days in total out of the 90 days in any insurance period whilst you participate in winter sports either abroad or in the United Kingdom.

  • Do the limits under the policy apply per person or per policy?

    Each of you is covered separately up to the limits shown in the policy schedule. The policy limits apply in the same way as they would if you had each taken separate policies.

  • Am I covered for holidays in the United Kingdom?

    Yes, provided you have bought an Annual Multi-Trip policy and you spend at least two nights in accommodation you booked before your departure. So a weekend break involving two nights in a hotel would be covered, but a day out and overnight stop wouldn't. If you have bought a Single Trip policy you will not be covered for holidays in the United Kingdom. Whichever policy you buy, some benefits are not payable for holidays in the UK. Please see the Policy Summary document and Policy Document for full details.

  • What am I not covered for?

    The most important exclusions are highlighted in the Policy summary, FAQ's and in the statements you’re asked to confirm before you buy the cover. It is not possible to list everything you will not be covered for, so we suggest you read the full policy wording. Under each section of cover you’ll find a list of exclusions of ‘what is not covered’ as well as the general exclusions. These sections must not be read in isolation, but within the context of the full policy wording. If you have any doubts about what is not covered, please contact Asda Travel Insurance.

  • What happens if my journey home is delayed beyond the insurance period?

    If your journey home is delayed beyond your control and you do not get back into the country until after your policy has expired, your cover will continue (up to 14 days) until for example, your airline or ferry operator can get you home.

Travelling separately


  • What if I have a medical emergency abroad?

    If you have a medical emergency that requires hospital in patient treatment, specialist treatment, medical tests, scans or repatriating to the United Kingdom you must contact ACE Assistance on +44 (0) 207 173 7814. 

    You should also refer to the claims conditions on page 8 of the policy document for further details. 

    If you are unable to do this yourself, it is okay for another person to do it on your behalf. This needs to be done as soon as possible.

    Having trouble being understood? You can call our 24hr English speaking helpline where you’ll find a voice you’ll understand on hand to help.

  • Do I have to pay medical expenses and claim them back or will you pay them directly?

    If it’s a medical emergency and you are admitted to hospital, the emergency assistance service may guarantee the fees of the hospital and attending doctor(s) - so you don’t have to pay. In cases where the expenses are small, you may opt to pay, or be asked to pay, and claim the money back. Please talk to the 24/7 Emergency Assistance service (ACE Assistance), unless the case is very minor, who will decide what to do. Asda Travel Insurance will not pay for any expenses not covered by the policy. ACE Assistance can be called at any time to help you.

Treatment in Australia

  • What should I do if I require medical treatment in Australia?

    Australia operates a reciprocal health agreement with the UK which requires you to enrol in Medicare to get free public hospital treatment. Medicare is Australia's equivalent of the National Health Service.

    If you require medical treatment in Australia you must register for treatment with Medicare. If you do not, Asda Travel Insurance may reject your claim or reduce the amount paid to you.

Air ambulance



  • I am pregnant - will I be covered for medical expenses?

    You will be covered for medical costs relating to complications in pregnancy. If you are travelling between 28 and 35 (inclusive) weeks pregnant, any medical and additional expenses incurred due to complications in pregnancy will be paid provided you obtained confirmation from a doctor or midwife no earlier than five days before your trip began that you were fit to travel.


Single direction journeys


  • How can I pay?

    You can pay online or over the telephone using a valid credit card, debit card or pre-payment card

  • Is it cheaper to buy online?

    Yes. The cover costs less when buying online. If you want to buy the cover by telephone it will cost more. This reflects the higher costs of providing a telephone service.

Multi or Single Trip policy

  • Which cover option should I choose? Single Trip or Annual Multi-Trip travel?

    If you're likely to be going on holiday more than once a year, you may well find that an Asda Travel Insurance Annual Multi-Trip policy is more convenient and cost effective than taking out a separate policy each time you travel. Just calculate the cost of buying a number of Single Trip policies and compare it with the cost of Annual Multi-Trip. Other factors to consider are, for instance, that it takes time to repeatedly buy new policies and it may slip your mind if you’re booking a late deal.

Winter sports

Scheduled airline failure

  • Will I get my fare refunded if the schedule airline I have booked on ceases to trade?

    Yes, Asda 5 Star Travel Insurance includes SAFI which means scheduled airline failure insurance. In short it means, youre covered if your airline goes bust. You can also recover the costs of flying home on a different airline should yours go into liquidation whilst you are abroad and the flight costs more than £99. If the flight is ATOL bonded you may recover your money from them.

Business Trips


  • What do I do if I want to cancel my policy after I've paid?

    You have the statutory right to cancel your policy within 14 days from the day of purchase or renewal of the policy. If you wish to do so you will be entitled to a full refund of the premium paid provided you have not travelled, and there has been no claims or incident likely to give rise to a claim. Following the expiry of the statutory cooling off period, you continue to have the right to cancel your policy at any time by contacting Asda Travel Insurance, but no refund of premium will be available. If you wish to cancel your policy you can contact Asda Travel Insurance on 0800 519 9936.

  • Can Asda Travel Insurance cancel my cover?

    Asda Travel Insurance may cancel this policy by sending 30 days’ notice to your last known address. Part of the premium may be returned to you. The policy may be cancelled immediately if you do not pay the premium.

  • Could I get anything back if my holiday is cut short?

    Yes, some of your money may be refunded if your holiday is cut short by one of the circumstances described in the policy wording; for example death, illness, fire at your home or because the police require you to. You do not qualify for refunds for reasons outside those shown in the policy wording


  • How can I make a complaint?

    Should you have reason to complain about any aspect of the service, please contact the complaints handling team on 0800 519 9936 or +44 (0)1293 725803.

    Or you can contact us by email at


Medical conditions

  • I have a medical condition, can I be covered?

    Value cover: Value cover does not provide cover for any pre-existing medical conditions. This means that you will not be covered for any costs relating to your pre-existing medical condition(s).

    Standard or Superior cover: If you have been diagnosed with a terminal medical condition, you cannot buy an Asda Travel Insurance policy. If you have a mental or nervous disorder, you can buy an Asda Travel Insurance policy, but you will not be covered for any costs relating to this condition.

    For all other medical conditions, before you buy a policy, Asda Travel Insurance ask you to confirm that no person to be insured:


    1. has ever had a heart condition or heart related condition, high blood pressure or a stroke 
    2. has had a treatment for any form of cancer in the last 5 years.
    3. has been prescribed any medication in the last 12 months for any long term or ongoing medical condition other than allowed conditions. 
    4. has any long term or ongoing medical conditions which require regular review, other than allowed conditions.
    5. is waiting for medical investigation, referral, treatment or results. If you can confirm these statements, you can buy this cover online.


    If you cannot confirm these statements, you have two options:

    1. You can ask Asda Travel Insurance for a quote to cover the condition(s) by calling us on 0800 519 9939. You will be asked some questions about your condition(s) when you call; or

    2. You can buy a policy that excludes cover for the condition(s).

    If you choose option 2, the policy will not cover you for costs directly or indirectly related to medical conditions.

  • What do you mean by any costs payable because an insured person has that medical condition?

    This means any costs or increase in costs that have to be paid because of a medical condition, whether these costs are directly related to that condition or not.

    For example, if you chose not to cover an existing problem with your lungs, and then got a chest infection when you were on holiday, you might be more ill, and take longer to get better than someone without an existing lung problem.

    If this happened, the most Asda Travel Insurance would pay would be for the reasonable costs of treatment that someone without a lung condition might have to pay.

  • I have bought Standard or Superior cover; what happens if my medical condition changes after I have bought a policy?

    It depends on circumstances:

    • You may need to cancel or cut short your travel. Before you do this please contact Asda Travel Insurance - call 0800 519 99 40
    • If you have an Annual Multi-Trip policy and book a new holiday without telling Asda Travel Insurance about the change, you are not covered if you want to claim as a result of that change in health
    • If you have an Annual Multi-Trip policy that runs out before your holiday starts and your health changes after it was bought, you may find the cost of your next policy increases.
    • If the change is serious enough that you need to cancel your holiday, you should contact Asda Travel Insurance before your policy ends
    • If you travel against your doctor's advice, you will not be covered 


    NOTE: Value cover does not provide cover for any medical conditions, whether diagnosed or not, that an insured person had at the time the policy was bought. This means that there will be no cover for any costs payable because an insured person had that medical condition.

  • What is meant by GP?

    A general practitioner or in other words your normal doctor or any other doctor registered or licensed to practise medicine, who is a UK resident.

Your Cover Choices

  • What is Standard cover?

    Standard cover is our most popular option and provides a range of benefits such as cover you if you fall ill on holiday, lose your things, have to cancel your holiday or your airline operator fails. 

    It includes abandonment cover of £1,000, curtailment cover of £1,000 plus £1,500 of lost property cover including valuables and sports equipment. You’ll also be covered for essential medication, lost money and delayed baggage.

    Annual Standard cover includes Schedule Airline Failure insurance.

    If you select Standard cover, it will be shown on your Policy Schedule – along with the full list of cover.


  • What is 5 Star Superior cover?

    5 Superior Star cover has been independently awarded 5 Stars out of 5 by Defaqto. It provides everything within the Standard cover, but has increased benefits and a lower excess.

    5 Star Superior cover includes: End supplier failure (protection if your Scheduled Airline , tour operator, hotel or car hire firm goes bust), compassionate return assistance, missed departure, hospital in-patient, hijack, catastrophe (floods, hurricane, earthquake etc) and pet care cover. 

    It will also cover you for any car hire, hotel or tour operator failure.

    If you select 5 Star Superior cover, it will be shown on your Policy Schedule– along with the full list of cover.



  • What is Value cover?

    It has lower benefit amounts, a higher excess and no cover for any pre-existing medical conditions. This means that we are able to offer cover at lower prices. Value cover does not provide benefits for:

    missed departure cover, compassionate return assistance, hospital in-patient benefits, hijack cover, catastrophe cover (floods, hurricane, earthquake etc.) and additional pet care cover.

    Annual Value cover includes Schedule Airline Failure insurance.

    If you select Value cover, it will be shown on your Policy Schedule.– along with the full list of cover.

    When choosing your insurance cover you should ask yourself whether the policy provides enough benefits for your particular circumstances. Asda Travel Insurance cannot offer advice on this; but you may wish to consider the cost of the holiday, the value of your belongings, your personal and financial responsibilities should you be incapacitated and where you will be travelling to as these all have a bearing on the benefits you may need.

    Please review our Table of Benefits and Cover Details for more information.

  • I have bought a Value policy. What happens if I develop a condition I want to cover after I buy the policy?

    Please contact us on 0800 519 9936 and we will discuss your options with you.