Choosing Your First Motorhome

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08 Feb 2021

If you’re looking to go road-tripping around the UK and want to plan a staycation with family or friends, it may be a good idea to invest in a motorhome. But where to start?

There are many different types of motorhomes and campervans and many different pros and cons to owning each. So, which one might be right for you and your family? Should you rent or buy a motorhome? What will you be using it for and how often? We’re going to look at things you should think about when choosing your first motorhome.

Planning and Budgeting

Motorhomes can be a big investment, so before deciding on which one to buy it’s important to set a budget. Always do your research to be aware of ongoing running costs as well as the initial price. It’s good to plan for a little extra in case of emergencies or any extra fittings or accessories that you might need along the way, too. If a brand-new motorhome is a bit beyond your budget, remember there’s also a big market of second-hand motorhomes to choose from too.

Types of Motorhomes

There are many different types of motorhome you can choose from. Common motorhomes include campervans, larger van conversions, coachbuilt motorhomes, A class motorhomes, tag axle motorhomes, home-built motorhomes and many more. Do your research to choose the motorhome that will be best for your needs and the journeys and destinations you want to visit.

What to look for

The main things to look and check for when buying your first motorhome include:

  • Having it checked with a moisture meter to look out for any damp problems
  • Look into the detailed service history and MOT before buying
  • Inspect all areas for damp, staining and damage
  • Inspect the electrics and other devices to make sure they’re working
  • Check tyre treads and wheels
  • Take the motorhome for a trial run to ensure it runs smoothly and safely

What driving licence do I need?

In order to drive a motorhome with a maximum authorised mass of between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes, you will require a category C1 licence. Anything above 7.5 tonnes and you will need a category C licence to legally drive the motorhome.

Motorhome speed limits

As motorhomes have a much larger weight than a standard car, they will have lower speed limits on single and dual carriageways that will need to be adhered to. The speed limit for most motorhomes will be 70mph on a motorway, 60mph on a dual carriageway and 50mph on other roads however this may vary according to each individual motorhome and its weight, and general area specific speed limits.

Motorhome Insurance

Before you decide to jet off on a holiday in your fancy new motorhome, one last thing you should do is take out insurance to cover any damages made and for your own peace of mind.


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