How to Choose the Right Booster Seat for Your Child

Mum and two daughters taking selfie in the boot of car with suitcase

When your child reaches a certain age and size, a standard baby or toddler car seat may not be right for them any longer. In these cases, a booster seat is the required option instead – according to UK law children must use car seats until they are either 12 years old or reach 135cm / 4ft 5in in height, whichever comes first.


In this short guide, we’ll look at some of the different things you should be aware of when picking out the right booster seat for your child.



When can a child use a booster seat?


A booster seat is basically a cushion seat with no back that can be used for toddlers and children weighing between 15 and 36kg. Booster seats help to raise children’s heights slightly, so they can safely use an adult seatbelt without any issues.

According to UK rules and regulations, children should be using booster seats until they are 12 years of age or reach 135cm / 4ft 5in in height – whichever comes first. Once they exceed this height or are older than the age of 12, they will no longer be required to use a booster seat.



How to pick a booster seat?


Picking out the right booster seat is an important task, and so it requires careful thought and planning.

When finding the booster seat perfect for your child, there are several different things you should keep in mind, such as the specific height, age and weight of your child. This is probably the most important thing to consider, closely followed by which types of booster seats are compatible with your car. We have a range of booster seats available here at Asda for you to take your pick from – just take a look at our range today.



How to install a booster seat?


Depending on the booster seat you choose to invest in, it will need to be installed and set up in your car in different ways. Both backless and high back booster seats can easily be fitted in the rear seats of the car and should always be held in place with a safety harness.  

Most booster seats will come with instructions on how to safely and securely set them up in your car, so be sure to check these before you do.



Do booster seats have anchors?


Not all booster seats come with anchors – or even the ability to be anchored, but you will find some do if you want your child to have some added support and safety. Anchoring your child’s booster seat has many benefits but must be done very carefully and according to the manufacturers instructions.

Taking all the above points into account when trying to pick out the right booster seat for your child will allow you to make an informed decision.