What is Fronting in Car Insurance?

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Fronting is when someone puts themselves as the main driver on their insurance policy even though it will be mainly driven by someone else. Whilst this can seem like a tempting thing to do due to the savings in insurance, this is an illegal practice and could invalidate your insurance.  

In this short guide, we’ll look into exactly what car insurance fronting is:



What is insurance fraud?


Insurance fraud is a serious crime, which can lead to equally serious consequences. Fraudsters can find that many different aspects of their life will be impacted for a long time, such as job prospects, access to insurance and other financial services, and they can even face criminal charges.

Insurance fraud can span many different categories and can range from selling policies from non-existent companies to exaggerating claims. Car insurance fronting is one of the many types of car insurance fraud, and is when someone falsely claims to be the main driver of the car when it is in fact someone else. This is sometimes done by people who want to add new or younger driver onto the insurance policy without it becoming too expensive for them, but it is an illegal offence that can have very serious consequences.



Is fronting illegal?


Fronting is an illegal offence, and the consequences can be severe. If you are caught fronting, any claims you may have made in the past will be brought into questions, and any claims currently being processed or made in the future will most likely be denied. Your cover will also most likely become invalid, or your insurer will cancel your policy, leaving both drivers without any cover.

As fronting is classed as a criminal offence, it is possible that you will be prosecuted for fraud and you may even end up in court or with a criminal offence. Additionally, you could also face hefty fines and obtain points on your licence.

Once you have been caught fronting, you will find it quite hard to find an affordable insurance policy and you may also have trouble obtaining credit for other financial products and services such as loans and credits.



How do insurance companies prove fronting?


Insurance companies use a range of different techniques to try and detect car insurance fronting. Motor insurance databases usually come in handy in situations like this, but the most effective way insurers catch out people fronting is when a claim is made.


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