Report your breakdown location easily with what3words

Broken down in the middle of nowhere? what3words can help


If your car breaks down and you don’t know where you are, don’t panic. Whether you’re on a long stretch of country road or stranded on the motorway, what3words will help roadside assistance to locate you.

02 Apr 2024

What is what3words?


what3words divides the world into 3m x 3m squares. Each square has a unique combination of three words. They are easy to find, say and share, and as accurate as GPS coordinates.

The what3words app is free and makes sharing your location quick, easy and precise.


How does what3words work?


what3words uses GPS to find your location and give you the three words to identify it. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you tap the satellite mode in the app to view exactly where you are. Then zoom in and tap the correct square to get your three words.


For example, a set of coordinates like 50.723700, -1.907700 simply become ‘’.


So instead of saying, ‘I’m lost on the M1, somewhere south of Sheffield’, you simply give us the three words and we’ll know exactly where to find you.


Should I download what3words?


We’re asking all our breakdown cover customers to download the app before setting off on any journey. If something happens and you break down, we can find you quickly and easily even if you’re in the middle of nowhere.

what3words FAQs

Is what3words free to use?

Yes, what3words is completely free to download and use. Simply head to the Google Play Store or Apple Store to download it to your device for free. You won’t pay anything at all whenever you use it either.

Do you need a Wi-Fi connection for the app to work?

The what3words app uses GPS to find your location. If you’ve already downloaded it, you don’t need Wi-Fi to access it or to find the three words to describe your location.

Should I use what3words instead of Google Maps?

You can share a pin of your location with Google Maps, but it typically drops in the middle of a building or postcode rather than your exact location. what3words gives your precise location, whether you’re on the motorway or down a country lane. Plus, with what3words you can easily share your location when speaking with someone over the phone which you can’t necessarily do with Google Maps.


Can you track where I am with what3words?

No, the app doesn’t hold any location data on you. You use it to find your location and share the code of exactly where you are.

What else does what3words do?

With what3words you can find a what3words address by searching a place name or street address, as well as get directions to a what3words address. You can also share and save an address, and even add a what3words address to a photo.

what3words app download

Never get lost again. Download the what3words app.

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