Why choose Asda Money?

We make sure you’re always on the money.

11 Jun 2020

Why choose Asda Money? It’s simple. Our aim is to make your life easier by finding the best products to suit your budget and needs. All our high-quality products combine the great value and service you expect from Asda, with the industry expertise of our carefully selected partners, to make sure you’re always on the money.


The Asda Advantage 

You know us, you know what we are about. We put your needs and value for money at the centre of everything we do. We built our business upon listening to our diverse range of customers and offering what they need. We know we’re at our best when we keep things simple.

Products with the features you want

Whether that’s a FREE 24 hour vet advice line for pet insurance or up to unlimited cover for medical costs with your travel insurance, we are always working hard to find the best products to suit your needs and wants. If you are looking to buy home or car insurance, you can compare cheap quotes from multiple providers immediately, making it even easier to find right product with the right features for you.

Partner Expertise

When you’re choosing a provider for insurance or loans, we know how important trust and reliability are. That’s why every partner and lender we work with has been carefully selected for their industry knowledge and credibility. Our commitment to finding the best partners and lenders not only saves you time, but it ensures you get the best value and service possible.

Now you’re on the money, with our many award-winning products

Many of our products have won awards and we’re very proud about that. We have been recognised by both expert industry bodies and consumers for providing products that are simple, reliable and most importantly excellent value. Combining the Asda advantage with the hundreds of years’ worth of expertise our partners provide, choosing us means you’re always on the money.

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