How Much Does Dog Insurance Cost and Does Breed Matter?

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Written by: Alistair Ball Head of Insurance, Asda Money 08 Mar 2021

As a nation, we love our dogs. They brighten up our lives in so many ways, and for many of us, they’re a big part of our families and households.

When our dogs get sick or injured, it can pile on the stress. We worry primarily about whether our pooches are going to be ok, but we also have our concerns about how much treatment is going to cost and whether we can afford to set things right.

For many, a lot of this anxiety can be alleviated with a good dog insurance policy. The added cost gives them the peace-of-mind that if anything does go wrong and if there are any problems, the price of treatment, among other things, will be covered by the insurer.

So, it can be a good idea to have a pet insurance plan in place – but how much will it cost you in premiums? And does breed and age matter? There are a number of things to ask yourself when you’re planning to take out insurance for your furry friend, and in this blog, we answer those questions along with others you might have about the price of getting your dog covered.

What is the average cost of dog insurance?

Generally, it’s hard to provide an average cost of dog insurance. This is because there are so many factors in play that can change the price you pay. From age to breed, to location in the UK, how much you pay for your dog insurance will rarely be the same as the next person – you’ll need to do some research to get a better idea of what the cost of your dog’s insurance will be.

Does the breed of your dog matter?

Yes, the breed of your dog can be a major factor in the price of your dog insurance. Some dog breeds will live longer and have healthier lives, while others can inherit genetic health problems that sadly, are part of the breed’s genetic makeup. Purebreds and pedigrees have an increased risk of inherited health problems, which means they could cost more to insure, while you may find that a mongrel could cost less because of a more robust constitution.

What is the cheapest breed of dog to insure?

It’s difficult to narrow down which is the cheapest breed of dog to insure, but you might find that smaller crossbred dogs might be cheaper to insure than their larger, more pedigree counterparts as purebreds and pedigrees have an increased risk of inherited health problems. Crossbred dogs can tend to have less health problems, which is an important factor for many insurers offering cheap dog insurance.

What breeds of dog raise your insurance?

Generally, if a dog has known genetic health problems or has a lower life span than other dogs, it can cost more to insure them. This is because, in the eyes of an insurer, they carry more risk and so, carry a higher insurance cost.

Does the age of your dog affect your insurance?

Yes, the age of your dog can affect your insurance. You may find that you need to pay more for your dog if they are on the older side. This is because older pets can fall ill more easily and can be prone to more serious diseases than younger animals.

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