Motorbike Insurance FAQs

  • What factors affect my insurance price?

    Just like with car insurance, the cost of motorbike insurance is affected by a range of factors. These include:

    • Your age
    • What type of bike is being insured
    • Any previous convictions or bike insurance claims
    • How much and how you plan to use your motorbike
    • What level of insurance coverage you want
    • Where you park your bike
  • How can I make my motorbike insurance cheaper?

    You can usually reduce your premium by making changes to the level of coverage you have, opting for just third party cover rather than comprehensive, for example. Other factors can also bring down the cost of motorcycle insurance, including reducing how often you ride, adding security locks to your vehicle, and downgrading to a bike with a smaller engine.

  • Can I transfer car no claims bonus to a motorbike?

    This varies between insurers but, generally, you won’t be able to transfer your car no claims bonus to a new motorbike insurance policy.

  • Does motorbike insurance cover me to carry passengers?

    Most motorbike insurance policies these days won’t include pillion cover, meaning that you’re uninsured to carry passengers. However, some insurers might still include it in a regular policy or you can opt to add on pillion cover as an insurance extra to cover yourself.