Asda Van Insurance Comparison Service

  • How does the Asda comparison service work?

    Asda works with a wide range of van insurance providers to help you find the right deal for you.

    When you obtain an online quote you can compare:

    • Prices
    • Cover levels
    • Excesses
    • Policy features

    No advice is provided via this comparison service.

  • Why do you offer a comparison service?

    Quality, clear and fair cover is as important to us as driving down premiums. We believe in giving you the control to decide what product you need. That’s why we’ve launched an online Van Insurance comparison service. Just get a quote online and we'll give you back a selection of results from top van insurance providers, enabling you to choose the product that suits and your budget.

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Existing Asda Van Insurance customers

  • How do I get an Asda Van Insurance quote?

    Asda has stopped selling van insurance to new customers but our market comparison service will help you find the best deal for you.

    Existing Asda Van Insurance customers will be offered the chance to renew their Asda Van Insurance policy with us. For more information please contact or call 0333 222 1052.

  • What is an excess?

    The amount of any claim you will have to pay if your Vehicle is lost, stolen or damaged, irrespective of fault.

    You can adjust your excess only at purchase or renewal as the excess that you choose will apply for the full 12 month policy period.  

    You can also purchase an excess protection policy from us, more information can be found here. 

  • How to claim or checking the progress of a claim?

    You should contact our 24-hour claims service. 0344 840 9531.

    We'll confirm:

    • Whether your policy covers you for the incident
    • What you'll have to pay
    • All the steps involved in your claim being settled.

    Please call our dedicated claims team and they will be happy to help.  Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Can I drive abroad on my policy?

    In addition to the standard 30 days cover, We may be able to offer the following extensions if required, and You should contact Asda Van Insurance to arrange this at least 14 days in advance. A charge will be applied for this facility as shown below:  

    31 to 60 Days - Charge of £31.50

    31 to 90 Days - Charge of £72.00

    91 Days and Above - Not Available

    For more information please contact or call 0333 222 1052.

  • Do I need business use to drive to work?

    If you travel to one place of work, this would be called social, domestic, pleasure and commuting use.

    If you are self employed or you own your company you will need business use.  We can increase your cover if you need to use your vehicle to visit any other sites of business during your working day.

  • Is it safe to use my credit/debit card on your site?

    We know how important it is to protect personal information from possible security risks so all of the information you put into our quote form is protected by encryption. Click on the Privacy Policy link at the bottom of this page to find out more.

  • Can I pay monthly for my Van insurance?

    Yes, you can, if you're aged 18 or over. Terms and conditions apply and this is subject to status.

  • Do you charge for making amendments to my policy?

    This depends on the change. The insurer may charge a different premium and we will also apply an admin charge for the change. Please refer to our Terms of Business for full details.

  • Can I change my vehicle and keep the same insurance policy?

    This depends on the vehicle and the insurer may change your premium as a result.

    Please call 0333 222 1052 for more information and we can advise you of the costs associated with a vehicle change.

  • Do I need to provide proof of my No Claims discount?

    Yes, you need to send this to us within 23 days of your new policy starting. If we don’t receive proof of your No Claims Discount your policy may be cancelled and you would then be charged a cancellation fee.

    You need to contact us as soon as possible if you are having difficulties getting hold of proof or have any questions. We may be able to help you find it by contacting your previous insurer.

  • Why do I need to send to you a copy of my Driving Licence?

    At Asda we believe in offering great value. For this to happen we make sure all of the details we hold on our customers are accurate. We need you to provide us with a copy of the counterpart and both the front and rear of your driving licence photo card, for you and all drivers named on the policy.

    This must be received by us within 23 days from the start of your policy. This lets us validate the details you have provided to us for your policy. 

  • Where do I need to send the copies of my Driving Licence and my proof of No Claims Discount?

    Asda Van Insurance Required Documents
    MMT Centre
    Severn Bridge
    Aust Bristol
    BS35 4BL

    Please make sure that these documents reach us within 23 days of your insurance starting and call us if you are having difficulty or your policy may be cancelled.

  • You have sent me a letter

    We automatically send out chaser emails and letters if we have not received your documentation. These letters will explain which documents we still haven’t received. If you have already sent the required documents we will write to you confirming when we have received and validated them.

    Sometimes your documents and our reminders will cross in the post.

    If you are concerned that we have not received your paperwork please contact our service team on 0333 222 1052.

  • Can I add someone to my policy on a temporary basis?

    You may be able add other drivers to your policy. Please contact us and we’ll help you do this. There are terms and conditions that apply which we will explain to these to you.

  • Am I insured to drive other vehicles?

    No. Our policies will not cover you to drive any other vehicle other than the vehicle you are insuring.

  • Will I lose my No Claims Discount for an accident which is not my fault?

    No. As long as your claim settlement has been fully recovered by your insurer, which means the third party’s insurer has paid for all of the damage to your vehicle, you will not lose any of your No Claims Discount.

  • Do I need to make you aware if I have had a motoring conviction once my policy has started?

    Yes, you need to tell us as soon as you receive any convictions. This will not affect your premium but may do at renewal.

    For more information please contact or call 0333 222 1052.

  • How much notice do I need to give if I am going to change my address?

    Please let us know as soon as you know the date that you’ll be moving, so that we can update your policy details. For more information please contact or call 0333 222 1052.

  • What do I do if I break down?

    Please check your policy documents to confirm who your breakdown provider is. They're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    If your breakdown policy is provided by Britannia, their number is 0800 023 2793.

    If your breakdown policy is provided by RAC, please call 0333 202 1867.

  • Can I obtain proof of my No Claims Discount from you?

    Yes, by contacting our Service team 0333 222 1052. 

  • Do I have cover for my windscreen?

    Windscreen cover is included on all Asda Van comprehensive car insurance policies and is available as an optional extra on third party and third party, fire and theft policies.

  • Can I add multiple drivers to my policy?

    You may be able to add more drivers to your policy at any time. Please contact us for more information and to understand the additional cost. For more information please contact or call 0333 222 1052.