Temporary Car Insurance

Flexible and immediate short-term cover

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Planning your ideal weekend getaway or need to move stuff to your new home? Temporary car insurance can give you the essential cover you’ll need so that you’re insured for as long as you need to be and can get going almost instantly. Find out more about temporary car insurance below.

Please note: we do not offer temporary car insurance through Asda.

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What is temporary car insurance?


As a form of short term cover, temporary car insurance gives you coverage when driving for anywhere between 1 hour and up to 30 days. This gives you as much flexibility if you’re borrowing a car or driving a different vehicle for a little while yours is being repaired or if you’re visiting relatives. It’s also handy if there’s an emergency which means you need to drive someone else’s car if they’ve been injured or otherwise.

What is temporary car insurance useful for?


The main benefits of temporary car insurance can be that it’s good for getting you coverage in specific situations which require you to drive, typically ones which aren’t planned. Some examples of ways in which temporary car insurance can be a practical solution are:

  • Borrowing someone's car if yours breaks down and you don't have access to a courtesy car
  • Test driving a new car or coverage while you look at longer term policies
  • Borrowing a friend or relative’s car for an event or short break
  • Insuring a second car such as a sports car or kit car for occasional use
  • Using a parent’s car to learn to drive in if you don't have your own lined up as a learner driver
  • Using someone’s car to move to a new house
  • Emergency usage of a car

What does temporary car insurance cover me for?


Temporary insurance for your car typically gives you comprehensive coverage for the duration you chose it for, covering you against theft and fire damage, third party repairs or compensation and damage to your own vehicle in the event of an accident.

It’s worth checking if there are any additional areas of coverage specific to each policy you’re looking at as it usually varies from provider to provider, with some including personal accident cover, new car replacement and more.

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