Get 24/7 access to expert vets at the touch of a button with Asda Pet Insurance!

Less stress more Joii

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Less stress. More Joii.


Here at Asda Money, we work with in the pet insurance business to provide all of our customers with a high level of care for their furry friends. Part of this means working alongside Joii Pet Care who offer an app with affordable and accessible expert advice for pet owners.

How the app works


The joii pet care app gives you access to pet care in the palm of your hand. The friendly Joii vets provide tailored treatment plans and the app is full of great features to help pet parents make the best choices for their pets. Joii is dedicated to providing affordable care for everyone, without compromising on quality. 

The Joii Pet Care app features 24/7 access to vets through video consultations for just £24 and free access to nurse clinics available every day of the week from 8am-10pm for all Asda Money customers.

The app also features an intelligent symptom checker that has been developed by world class vets, which helps to refrain from googling symptoms and worrying over things that may not always require a visit to the vets.

About Joii Pet Care


Joii Pet Care are a team on a mission, working to provide affordable and accessible care for every pet owner. No two pets are the same, which is why Joii work so hard to offer personalised care to each individual pet through their Joii Pet Care app, empowering pet parents to improve the lives of their furry friends.

Core features and benefits


The main features and benefits of the Joii Pet Care app include the ability to access pet care 24/7, 365 days a year from the comfort of your own home, free access to join preventative nurse clinics, and a smart symptom checker to help put your mind at ease. Find out more about these features below:


Video consultations – 24/7 vets


  • Access to clinical expertise at the touch of a button
  • Full treatment plan in-app
  • Product recommendations
  • Repeat appointments and referrals for behaviour and dermatology
  • Asda Money Pet Insurance customers can access unlimited vet consultations


Preventative clinics


  • Get preventative care with tailored advice in 1 to 1 Nurse clinics, covering:
    • Puppies and kittens
    • Older pets
    • Weight watchers
    • Parasite control
    • Dental health
    • Grooming

There’s no booking needed, and it’s available from 8am to 10pm every day of the week at no cost to Asda Money customers


Free symptom checker


  • Free to all and accessible from anywhere
  • Provides advice and reassurance for peace of mind
  • Can help prevent unnecessary trips to the vet
  • Great for triage advice when you’re not sure what is wrong with your pet
  • Easy to use with step-by-step instructions
  • Made by vets, for pet

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