Temporary Van Insurance

Flexible short-term cover for your van

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If you’re hiring a van, borrowing from a friend perhaps, or even just in need of van insurance for a week or so while you sell your vehicle, temporary van insurance is the short-term insurance policy you’ll want to stay safe and legal while on the road.

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What is temporary van insurance?

Sometimes you need insurance for your van for a specific job or journey, such as moving house or taking on long distance work for your business. You might also need the insurance if you’re thinking of selling your van, but still want to drive it around while you wait for the sale.

In the modern insurance market, there’s a wide variety of insurance providers out there who provide temporary van insurance, (also referred to as temp van insurance) for as long as a month at a time, ideal for those who don’t want, or need, to commit to an annual policy.

What is temporary van insurance useful for?

There are a number of situations and scenarios that temporary van insurance can help you out with. They include:


  • Borrowing or hiring a van for moving house
  • Selling your van, but still using it while it’s on sale
  • Emergencies where you need to use a van
  • Using a van for a work project
  • Using a friend or parent’s van for lessons, or for trying out on the road

What is the cheapest level of van insurance?

The cheapest level of car insurance is third party only. Third party only policies only cover you for the price you would have to pay to compensate someone if you damaged their vehicle or injured them in an accident.

You’ll need third party only cover at the very least to be allowed to drive on the road legally. Its reduced cover makes it the cheapest option, but you’ll need to check your policy documents to ensure it’s the right choice for you.

During your research, you’ll want to carefully compare van insurance quotes using our comparison tool to find cheap van insurance online.

What does temporary van insurance cover?

Most temporary van insurance policies will offer you full and comprehensive cover for the length that the policy is taken out for. This includes third party cover, theft and fire, as well as damage to your van if you have an accident.

This of course is different for each provider, so it’s important to fully read any policy documents which will give you a full rundown of what is covered in your temporary van insurance. Some also have added benefits which can be handy to have for that extra protection.

Why do I need temporary van insurance?

Van insurance, no matter how long you intend to drive for, is required by law. That means it’s illegal to take your van on the road without an insurance policy in place.

If you need van insurance for just a short time, rather than for the long-term, temporary van insurance ensures that you stay legal for the duration of your policy.

Our comparison tool is just the thing for tracking down the right temporary van insurance policy for you. Click through the link above to get started on finding cheap van insurance online.

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