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Sending money abroad is quick, safe and easy with our partner Ria. They provide money transfer services to over 507,000 locations in 165 countries worldwide. They keep an eye on exchange rates and always check their prices against the largest money transfer providers. This makes sure more of your money goes to your chosen recipient and less goes on fees. Trust Asda to make your money go further.

  1. Get your money where it needs to go

    Transfer money to 165 countries in a few clicks

    Whether you’re sending money to Spain or Senegal, Portugal or Poland, we’ll make sure your recipient gets more money and you pay less fees.

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Why choose Asda Money Transfer?

In partnership with Ria

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    The Asda advantage

    Known for putting value for money at the centre of everything we do

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    Partner expertise

    Who have sent over 1 billion secure transfers to over 507,000 locations around the world

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    Money can be sent from as little as £2 worldwide and collected in as little as 10 minutes

Why choose Asda Money?

  • Great Value

    Our rates are always benchmarked and our transaction fees are competitive

  • Simple and Easy

    With our customer friendly transactions, you will be feeling happy and assured.

  • Quick Transfers

    Your money will be sent and ready to collect in as little as 10 minutes.

  • Convenience

    You can transfer money online from all devices.

  • Security

    Powered by Ria, you can count on us to send your money safely with a name you know.

  • International

    You can send money from the UK to 165 countries with more than 507,000 pick-up locations.

Top Money Transfer FAQs:

How does Asda Money Transfer Powered by Ria work?

As you’d expect with Asda Money Transfer Powered by Ria, we make it simple to send money abroad. You can send in three simple steps:

  1. Select both the country you’re sending to and the preferred method of payment
  2. Provide us with your details, and the details of your recipient
  3. Choose how you’d like your recipient to receive the money

And just like that, your money transfer is on its way.

Where can I send money to?

With our network of more than 507,000 locations you can send money, easily and securely to 165 countries worldwide.

What information do I need?

To transfer money you’ll need:

  • Your recipient’s first name and surname(s) as displayed on their officially-issued ID.
  • Your recipient’s address and phone number.
  • A selected method for how your recipient will receive the money transfer. If you choose to deposit money directly into your recipient’s account, you’ll need their bank account and routing number (this might be called an IBAN or SWIFT number). If you would rather have your recipient pick up the money in person, you’ll need to select a local, preferred payout location.

About our partner, Ria

We partner with Ria, one of the largest international money transfer companies in the world, to offer you fantastic exchange rates and prices to transfer your money to loved ones across the world.

Our partnership enables us to offer our customers quick, safe and easy money transfer services to over 507,000 locations in 165 countries worldwide.

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