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Our guide to exchanging US dollars

Exchanging pounds for dollars, made easy

A number of folded American dollar's being taken out of a black purse

If you’re heading to the USA for a holiday, you’ll want to get some dollars ahead of your trip so that you can hit the ground running once you land stateside.

When exchanging your pounds to dollars, you’ll have a lot of thinking to do about what’s the best way to get the most dollars for your money. In this guide, we’ll answer some of the key questions you might have about getting your American dollars for your time abroad in the USA.

What is the best exchange rate from pounds to dollars?

When it comes to exchanging your pounds to dollars, getting the best exchange rate will change based on what is happening in the world’s economy at the time. Current events can affect how many dollars you can buy for your pounds at exchange vendors – beyond that, the best way to find the most profitable exchange rate for you is by researching the rates of exchange providers and finding which one is the most favourable.

What is a good pound to dollar rate?

The international exchange rate between dollars and pounds changes all the time due to many reasons, so it can be best to take an average over a longer time period to see if you’re getting a good rate in general. You could always buy your holiday money in several purchases over a few months instead of all at once, which can help to reduce the effect of any bigger shifts in the exchange rate.

What is one pound to one US dollar?

You can find our current exchange rate for pounds to dollars on our travel money page here.

Is it better to get dollars in the UK or the US?


It could be more beneficial to buy your dollars in the UK rather than when when you arrive in the US. This is because the pound-to-dollar exchange rate in the UK is can be better than some of the rates offered by providers in America. Some people also find it more convenient to land in the US with dollars already in your pocket – exchange vendors in airports often offer poorer rates, and having the money already available will enable you to get transport to your accommodation as soon as you land, without having to hunt down an ATM.

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