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Why choose Asda Van Insurance?

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Cheap 10% of customers paid less than £226 for their policy*
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Choice Get quotes from up to 50 leading UK van insurance brokers at once
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Flexible All levels of cover are available for almost every type of van

Compare cheap van insurance with Asda

Comparing van insurance quotes is simple and easy with Asda.

You can compare quotes from some of the UK’s leading insurers in minutes, with just one set of questions.

We do the shopping around for you - all you need to do is pick the policy and price that suits you best.

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What details do I need to get van insurance?

Our question set is straightforward, asking for details about you, your driving history, and the van you want to insure.

The key things to have in front of you to complete our question set are:

  • Your personal details – Basic information about you including your date of birth, address, and employment details
  • Your vehicle details – Your vehicle make and model, and any modifications that have been made to the vehicle
  • Details about your driving history – Previous insurance documents, your driving licence, and information about any driving convictions

Once you’ve completed the form, we instantly collect the cheapest and most suitable van insurance quotes from the insurance providers we work with, leaving you to compare them and choose the best policy.

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All levels of cover

You can pick from all levels of cover with Asda, so whether you’re after a Comprehensive quote, a Third Party, Fire and Theft policy, or Third Party Only insurance, you can compare just the policies you want.

Comprehensive cover

The most extensive level of cover, a comprehensive policy covers damage to the driver’s vehicle, even if the incident is your fault, as well as third party damage, fire, and theft.

Third party, fire, and theft cover

A third party, fire, and theft policy will cover your vehicle if it’s damaged by fire or stolen, as well as covering you for damage caused to third party vehicles in an incident.

Third party only cover

A third party only van insurance policy just covers damage to third party vehicles. This will not cover damage to your own vehicle or claims for any resultant personal injuries from an incident.

What is included in each level of cover can vary between insurance providers so please check the policy documentation for full details of cover before buying.

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The van insurers we work with

We work with some of the UK’s leading van insurance providers so, when you compare with Asda, you’ll see quotes from up to 50 insurers.

That means you don’t have to shop around and get separate quotes from individual insurers. Just answer one set of questions and then decide which policy and price best suits your needs.

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Types of van insurance

Vans can be used as commercial or personal vehicles. With Asda it doesn’t matter what you use your van for because you can compare van insurance quotes for either social or business purposes.


Social, domestic, and pleasure van insurance covers you for personal day-to-day driving, but not commuting journeys.

This is the van insurance for you if you only use your vehicle for personal journeys. 

Carriage of own goods

Carriage of own goods van insurance covers commuting journeys and transportation of business goods such as tools and equipment, if they’re owned by the main driver or their employer, as well as covering personal van driving.

You may choose a carriage of own goods policy if you use your vehicle in business as a tradesman, mechanic, or decorator, for example.

Carriage of goods for hire or reward

As well as coverage of your own goods, a carry goods for hire or reward policy covers the transportation of goods you’re transporting for payment.

This type of insurance could be used by delivery drivers making multiple deliveries in a day.


Haulage van insurance covers drivers carrying goods for a single drop over a long distance. This will usually be on behalf of a third party and for payment.

Haulage insurance is suited for long-distance couriers and drivers delivering furniture.

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Optional van insurance extras

As well as the main coverage included in your chosen policy, you can choose to add on additional van insurance extras that can cover you for other circumstances. Different brokers offer different optional extras, but you can compare a selection of each broker’s extras with Asda.

The most popular optional extras include:

Breakdown cover

Optional breakdown cover will give you protection in the event that your van breaks down. Different levels of van breakdown cover are usually available, including options for breakdowns on the road or at home.

Windscreen repair

Windscreen repair will usually be covered in some way by a Comprehensive policy, but you might have to pay an excess. With optional windscreen repair coverage, you could be covered for chips or even a full windscreen replacement.

Courtesy van

In the event that your van needs repairing or can’t be driven following an insured accident, having a courtesy van optional extra could mean that you’re able to continue driving using an alternative vehicle provided by your insurer. The terms of courtesy van coverage can vary from broker to broker.

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